Something almost everyone enjoys is readily available in the Philippines and that is Island Hopping. One of my first outings in the Philippines was with a group of expats I had met online. I was amazed with the beauty. It was my first time out on the waters of the Philippines and it was captivating.

Island Hopping In The PhilippinesI think that was back in April of 2008.   I remember really two things. One of the first times Jessie yelled “Hey, were are you going?”  I heard it many times in the early days. Now, she knows if I see something new, something where there are not many others, that’s where I’m headed.

Before we were done even she was impressed with the scenes we saw.  I heard her say wow when we came upon an old home. It was not abandoned. It was up on stilts and sitting in the water. It was in pretty bad shape but some how there was still something rather beautiful about the scene.

Soon we encounter a group of kids playing in the water. They looked as if they could out swim some of Cebu Island Hopingthe fish. Their skin was darkened from all of their play outside. They were all around 10 years old or younger. There was not much on this island. Just a few homes on stilts over the water. There was a row of them. Likely the homes of fishermen. Probably the workers for whoever lived in that home in days gone by. I didn’t stumble upon any young women while there and I did look.  They had to be around, where they in their homes. There were no adults at all.  The only people local to that island that we saw were the kids. I enjoyed my time with them.

I joined them in the water and went for a walk in the sea. They followed me,  swimming around me. Walking besides me. Trying to speak as much English as they could. I think they were quite taken by this strange American that ventured out to the more remote areas of this tiny islet.

We eventually did return to the debates and noise of the group we came with. Jessie and I went swimming in the sea. I remember ingesting a bit of that salt water and it made me somewhat ill later that night. I didn’t know I drank it but I had the taste of salt in my mouth so I guess I did.

This is a video that Jessie and I captured during that island hopping adventure.

I’ve have several island hoping adventures since that time. I don’t get to go as much as I like too. I’m hoping to go to Capitancillo Islet just outside of Bogo this month. I hope we get to go next weekend. Though island hoping is not expensive, its not free either. The reason I have not yet been to this islet is that the cost are really too high. Boats usually want P2500 to take someone out there. I know they can be had for as little as p1000 but usually the best price you can get is p1500. Then I’ll spend around p1000 for food probably. Could do it cheaper but I wont.

Home On The WaterThere is nothing on the Island as far as I know. There are some picnic tables and a lighthouse. I’ve seen a guy walking around dangling a sea snake in his hand. I know that pinoy and have spent some time with him.

My last island hoping trip was to Bantayan Island. That was back in August or September. We spent about a week there. While there we took a side trip to Virgin Beach. Jessie even wore a two piece bathing suit. Somewhat shocking me!

To enjoy the real beauty of the Philippines, take an island hopping trip. Try to go to an island that is not an expat hotspot. Interact with local Filipino as best you can. That’s where you’ll discover what the Philippines is like. It is not in the malls, its out in the island. There’s over 7100 of them. If you enjoy taking pictures, you’ll have a hard time finding a better setting.

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