Sometime ago, I had hoped to visit a new church in the Philippines each month.  To take pictures and share them on this website.  I have not been able to do that.

There is a very old church in Liloan.  A small town on the between Cebu City and Bogo City.  I have

location of Liloan in Cebu
Liloan Cebu

wanted to stop at that church for more than two years.  Since I’m almost always on a bus, I can’t stop where I want too.


Liloan had a population of about 93,000 when the 2007 census was taken.

The town gets its name for a lilo.  It is said there is a whirlpool in the sea just off the coast here.  Swimmers are cautioned not to swim there due to the strong currents.

Last month, I took a taxi back to Bogo City from Cebu City and asked the driver to stop.  I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t stay long.  There was also mass underway so I wasn’t able to explore the church as much as I would have liked too.

San Fernando Ray Parish was founded in the middle 1800s.

There is also an old light house outside the church.  I will also include a picture of that.   There is a college next to the church.  There is a Christmas tree made of coke cans.  I think it was constructed by students from the college.

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