I Love Living in the Philippines

If you have followed my blog at all, you know I love living in the Philippines. I’ve talked about the reasons many times.

Two of the main reasons are pretty simple:

  • The Low Cost Of Living In The Philippines
  • The Loving Filipina

The Low Cost of Living in the Philippines

I know a lot of expats that say it doesn’t cost less to live in the Philippines. I just don’t see how that is possible. Your housing will be less. That alone will save you hundreds of dollars every month.

Your food can be a lot less but you could pay more for food if you buy it at the most expensive places.  Recently, I heard an expat complaining about the price of chicken. I was shocked at what he paid and Jessie (my girlfriend) was even more shocked. He paid too much. I could have bought three for what he paid. I don’t shop in the malls of Cebu City. The chicken I buy was probably killed the same day.

I just bought plane tickets to Palawan Island for less than $150 round trip for two. And I had the nerve to complain about the price. For which I smile at myself now. Do that in the West!

You see, that’s the crux of it. You have to compare it to what you’d pay in the West and it will cost you so much less in the Philippines.

Most electronics and other imported goods will cost you more in the Philippines. The longer I live here, the less I need to import.

The cost of living in the Philippines is one of the things I like most about living in the Philippines.

The Loving Filipina

Jessie is an angel and I’m very lucky to have her in my life.

Some Filipina are snakes, no doubt about it. Some guys find nothing but snakes when looking for love in the Philippines. It depends on where you look. That’s not any different here than in the West.

If you send money to a girl you meet online, chances are high, she’ll break every promise she makes to you. I’ve seen it so much; I doubt I’d ever do that again.  I helped Jessie out before I got here. I know another expat that sent his girl money every month. They are not happily living in the Philippines together. I know of many that have done it. I’ve also read of many men with broken hearts after sending money to women in the Philippines. It is just a really chancy thing to do. There is much more about this in my manual, “The Basic Expat Training Manual – Living In the Philippines.”

Living in the Philippines – The Basic Expat Training Manual

Speak of which, I just raised the price of my manual to $37. I just can’t help myself. I keep thinking of those commercials “But wait there is more!”

If you buy my manual through one of my websites the price is $27.00. I have a secret link. I’m able toLiving In The Philippines do this because I am now offering it for sale through PayPal on this special page.  My processing cost for sales via PayPal is substantially less. There are about 200 affiliates selling my eBook, all their sales go to the default page which you can see by clicking here. You can also confirm the price by viewing that link.

If you want to buy the manual at the special pricing from this website you should instead visit: “Basic Expat Training Manual – Living In The Philippines.” Later, I’m going to raise the price to $37 there as well.  Hopefully, you’ll find this article before I do so.

There is only one thing I really dislike about living in the Philippines and that is the dreaded brownouts. We are almost all the way through May, the worst month for brownouts and  we have not had a brownout yet. I know, I’m probably jinxing myself for saying it.

Cebu has worked very hard to bring more power plants online. As a result, we have no doubt seen fewer brownouts.

What I do love about living in the Philippines are the Filipina and the low cost of living.

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