Casual Living in the Philippines

A couple of weeks ago, I headed down to the park.  I had hoped to see the Easter procession but I got there a few hours early.  I tried to tuff out the heat but finally, after 2 and half hours, I was done.  Besides, the battery in my camcorder was pronounced dead and not even a recharge would bring it back to life for more than 2 minutes.

Then I got my camera out and started taking pictures of the street vendors and it soon died on me too.  Not a good day for me and batteries.  I know, I need two new cameras.

That we had the time all wrong was no big surprise.  We always get the wrong time.  The church service started at 3PM and that was the time Jessie managed to get from the neighbors but we were told that was the time of the procession.

The park was nearly empty when we got there.  I think everyone was in church.  There were hardly any Filipina in the park which is highly unusual.  For those living in the Philippines, parks are a common gathering place for young people.

My first year in Bogo City and my second Easter in the Philippines, I asked around if they would have a crucifixion ceremony near Bogo.  I don’t remember the time I was given but off we went to the mountain.  We climbed 100 steps up the side of the mountain where the Mother Mary has a shrine where she looks over the City of Bogo.  It is a huge statue of her.

We got there long after the ceremony, if there was one at all.  I did see three crosses there and it appeared that someone may have been tied to them.  I don’t think there were any floggings and there were certainly no nails.  The crosses had ropes around there where someone could have put their hands in.  In any case, the time was all wrong.  Only a hand full of people was still at the shrine by the time we got there.

However, it was a very lovely place, a serene sanctuary most of the time.  Some of the kids didn’t seem to fully appreciate the nature of the place, even on Easter Sunday.

But this year, a baby provided me with some entertainment.  I suppose she was rather taken with my strange skin color and hair face.  She seemed to be a sweet child but quite capable of not letting her older brother push her around too much.

I thought I’d share the video I made.  I obtained Adobe Premier Pro.  After watching several basic how to videos on YouTube, I took a shot at producing a movie with this new fancy and complicated software.

Living In The Philippines – Filipino Time

Filipino often joke with themselves about Filipino time. It usually refers to how Filipino are not real big on schedules. For many Filipino, if they say they will be someplace at a certain time, well, that could be within that same day or maybe tomorrow. Some foreigners have a hard time with it and sometimes it is important to be punctual.  I suspect Filipino time doesn’t apply to well about those with jobs and starting their shift on Filipino time.  For me, living in the Philippines, Filipino time has also come to mean for me, who knows when something will happen.  Movies start at the right time.  TV shows do too.  A ferry and an airplane will usually depart at the right time, well, most of the world seems to be on Filipino time when it comes to transportation schedules.

It was just another day living in the Philippines on Filipino time, I’ve learned to not get too upset about these things.  It would be nice though if I could find out when events will actually occur.  I hope that someday Bogo will have its own local newspaper.  Knowing when things are actually suppose to happen would makes living in the Philippines a tad more pleasant.

Perhaps I should try getting a radio.  We got one once, not sure what happened to it but I think the kids killed it.  In Cebu City, much of what one hears on the radio will be in English.  Not in Bogo duh.  It did me no good to have a radio because I couldn’t understand a word. Ha-ha

Awww Mr. Expat, sit back, take off your shoes and learn to be a bit more casual while living in the Philippines.  If you keep your eyes open, I bet you can find something interesting when the schedules go all wrong even if it is the simple joy of interacting with a baby in the park.  You probably will be living in the Philippines longer if you relax a little because you’ll be less stressed.

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