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Are You Afraid of Living in the Philippines?

I’ve had several people tell me they are putting off their trips to the Philippines because of the low dollar rate. If that is really the reason, I think that they are falling victim to hype. To be honest, I don’t think the real reason they are putting off living in the Philippines.

Pulling up stakes, leaving your life in the West behind and moving to the other side of the world is a freaking scary thing to do! How it turns out for you really matters more as to what is important to you.

Living In The Philippines
Do I look Like I’m Suffering?

When I was planning to come to the Philippines, I never had any doubt that I would make the move. I also wondered if I was afraid of the move to the Philippines. Not long after I got here, I realized, I was afraid. A lot of my delay was excuses. Though, I really did need to clear up the matter of a divorce.

Even that though tried to hold me back, I finally told my lawyer, I have a ticket and I’m leaving on February 6th. It is a non-refundable ticket so I’m gone.  Divorce was done that month, a process of about 2 years.

I thought I’d be going back to the USA every six months or so but I also thought I’d be filthy rich. I’m not filthy rich. I do hope that I can return to the USA in about a year. I’ll have the cash but if I’m willing to spend, I’m not so certain.

To increase my opportunities even more in the Philippines, I need a Special Resident Retirement Visa and I wasn’t very frugal in my youth, to say the least. For that I need $10,000 in a Philippines bank and a $1500 application fee on top of that.

Once it is approved, I can put the $10,000 in a condo and own a home in the Philippines in my name. You can’t own the land but you can own a condo.

The other benefit is that it will allow me to operate a business in the Philippines. There are restrictions; I can’t sell real estate for example. I sure wish I could. I have a business opportunity staring me in the face right now but I can’t do it.

Being Happy While Living In The Philippines Is About What Is Important to You.

If things and American sports are the most important part of your life, you might be better off staying where you are. If that is true, you may not enjoy living in the Philippines. If you can afford those things there, you’ll find those things easier to come by in the West, not the Philippines.

On the other hand, if your more interested in exploring exotic places, beautiful and loving women, awesome people, island hopping, diving, and going to resorts, then you might find the Philippines is the right place for you.

It is more likely you’ll be able to do those things here because the cost of living is substantially less in the Philippines. Back away from the remote sir, there’s a life out there waiting for you!

Once you are living in the Philippines, you may very well find that what is important to you changes. The influence of Filipinos may very well assist you with that. I think you’ll have to experience that for yourself. On my FaceBook page, I see a lot of people express how happy Filipinos usually are. If they are not happy, they are at least content.

It isn’t my place to tell you what should be important to you, I actually wouldn’t dream of that. Too much of that goes on in the Philippines. I don’t like judgmental people!  You might say I’m judgmental about judgmental people. I know that’s a bit hypocritical but I never claimed to be perfect. See, the people that judge you are not perfect either. You’ll find lots of that in the Philippines too. It is probably my least favorite trait among Filipinos and it seems to be a bit more heightened here than in the USA.

Living in the Philippines Because I Like It Here

I’m not living in the Philippines because I think the USA is going to the dogs. What is going on? In the 70’s we use to think people that said that were so “uncool.”  So what changed to make it cool now? Every generation says that about the next one, break the mold and stop it. The USA is a wonderful place for many reasons.

I think some people feel guilty about leaving the USA so they need an excuse to leave just as some look for excuses to put it off. You don’t need an excuse to start a fantastic life living in the Philippines. Do it because you want too. It really is okay to indulge yourself.

I really had my eyes opened to things I took for granted before. When I first started living in the Philippines I noticed a lot of little things that I hadn’t noticed before.  This helped me to understand that America is not falling apart, it isn’t a horrible place to live, it is an awesome place to live.

Americans have so many luxuries that you may take for granted. For example, you can count on the rule of law. Even though the justice system of the USA is lacking, you can count on basic protections for the most part. I don’t feel I can always count on the rule of law in the Philippines.

Some mayors are engulfed in rumors about having death squads.  And the courts really do seem to favor locals over foreigners.  Yes, there are problems with corruption though not to the extent you’ll likely hear on the net.

The level of corruption seems to be changing at the top. Will those changes hold, I don’t know. Some of the changes do seem to be laying the ground work for real change in the Philippines. Civil servants are being fired quite often and often followed up with charges.

Yet I still love living in the Philippines.  Honestly those things I mentioned above don’t have anything to do with me. They are unlikely to ever affect me personally. And I’m living in the Philippines, not heaven. I don’t expect perfection. The point I’m trying to make is that America just isn’t so bad.

I’m also not blinded into thinking the Philippines is heaven on earth, it is not. Though I do wonder if it isn’t the closest you can get.

I think the root of my happiness about living in the Philippines comes from Filipino culture. That culture includes how most women treat the man they choose to be with.

There is one thing that has eluded me all of my life until I moved to the Philippines.  “A good lovin’ woman” is what may be the most important thing in life for me. Heck, Jessie isn’t perfect but she’s closer to it than I am. Wow, does she ever treat me well too. I’m so spoiled now. I resisted that, I really did as I know I can become to dependant on someone else. Just my nature, not something I’m fond of but “I am who I am and that’s all I am.”

Who I am has made living in the Philippines an excellent choice for me. I think living in the Philippines has also changed who I am to a small extent. We are basically who we are and at 50, changing who we are is not something that comes real easy. In fact, I’ve quit trying to change me very much. Better to accept me with all my flaws. If I had an evil heart, that would be different, I don’t. I know what I need to change and I work on it but old habits die hard.

What about you? Is who you are going to make your life in the Philippines a good choice or a poor one? I firmly believe that being content where ever you are is up to you. You decide if you’re content or not. If you are content where you are, you are more likely to be happy living in the Philippines.

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