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Wow, what a wonderful four years I’ve had living in the Philippines. This past week marked my forth year since I became a Philippines based expat and moved to the Philippines. It has been a fantastic four years.

I’ve had two monkeys, one loving the other crazy. The crazy one is still with me. George is still with me Living In the Philippinestoo. Deeply embedded within me and dearly missed. His haunting eyes will always be with me. They were sad eyes. He was sad because he lived on a pole without enough attention from his own or from humans. Though he was well cared for, he was just too alone. Juliet is the crazy monkey, nearly dead when I got her. Nursed back to health and for a while she was lovable. Then she became stronger and basically a holy terror. Still, I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful creature in my household. It isn’t she belongs and I would like to see her with other monkeys. That attitude of hers though, I’m just not sure how that would turn out. I would give her away if someone would take her.
Expats Living in the Philippines

Four Years of Living in the Philippines

Most of us do not have do have unlimited funds to do whatever we please. However, living in the Philippines will increase the opportunities in the lives of most. The cost of most items here is significantly less than in the West. A foreigner with a limited income and with nearly no opportunity in the West can find many doors open to them that the could only long for in their homeland

The People of the Philippines

The people of the Philippines come in all kinds of course but most are friendly and warm especially male Filipinos or pinoys. They are hard working when they can work. I’ve seen children caring bags full of seaweed that are larger than the child carrying them.

I wont deny that I enjoy the attention I get from the beautiful women of the Philippines. It doesn’t matter why I get the attention. I know I represent wealth. It also doesn’t matter I’m not wealthy. To most of them though, I am. What matters is I get the attention. It is nice. However, it is best to enjoy the attention without getting to close. If you are single you can find a good woman here. You can also become a giant ATM machine. Still, win a Filipina’s heart and you will find an amazingly caring woman. You might be so cared for it makes you feel a bit abusive. She likes it though, let her enjoy herself even when it becomes a little uncomfortable because she does truly enjoy it.

Harp At A Philippine Truck StopThe other day, we were getting ready to go to Odlot and Jessie kneels down taking my foot starts putting my socks on. I told her “You know, I can do that myself.” The look on her face was clear and certain. The look she returned was “Like hell you will” as she continued to look at my foot. Knowing she liked it, I smiled and said to myself “Okay, enjoy yourself because it is very nice to be cared for in this way.”

No, not everything is wonderful. I’ve seen a friend get himself into major trouble and the possibility of spending the rest of his life in jail. A good man too but like all humans flawed. He had a flaw that was obvious to me. Hi is a smart man and interesting fellow that is quite complex. A giving guy that was also unable to see the world outside of what he thought it should be.

Even with a loving Filipina all relationships go through trials. Mine with Jessie has and it has brought both of us pain at times. The people we hurt the most are the same ones we love the most. We are all flawed and we all become selfish at times too I think. That can lead to very bad decisions. All of us make very bad decisions. Good times will come if you get them a chance. The more positive you are the more good times you’ll have. Sometimes though, life will just turn hard. Sometimes things come back together and sometimes they are never the same.

Philippine Scenes

I’ve taken some wonderful photographs here. That is because there are so many breath taking things to see.

I’ve seen so many beautiful places. The highlights of which are Bantayan Island and Palawan. Bantayan A Rock Castle Near The Underground River In PalawanIsland remains to be my favorite place on earth. It is serenity at its best. People like me, those acutely aware of what is going on around them and thus flooded with too much information, love peaceful places. Bantayan is peace on earth for me. Stunning sunset and sunrises in Bantayan will be cherished.
Palawan, wild and rugged with beautiful scenes of it is on. The Underground River may be the highlight but the surroundings of its location are really the best part. Getting close to large wild lizards and entering the dragon’s mouth which was really the opening to the cave were unforgettable events.

While in Palawan, I ate crocodile sausage, held a crock in my harms and had a Bear cat crawl up my arm. I also got to see a Philippines Eagle. Its attitude was amazing and it was awesome to see it up so close.

The most beautiful place I saw in Palawan was Estrella Falls, The roar of the falls and the cool mountain breeze with my girl Jessie looking so beautiful in her bathing suit that I never thought she’d even wear.

Reflections on Living in the Philippines

My move to the Philippines was one of the best choices I ever made. I have seen and done more things in the past four years than at least the prior ten years and probably even before that. I’ve made other good choices in my life but I’m not sure that any have been as positive as moving to the Philippines has been. Most choices also had some negatives. I can’t find any negatives about moving to the Philippines. Of course, I’m talking about myself. Others have plenty of negatives. It is interesting that it can be so close to perfect for me and a horrible nightmare for others. I think that is what led me to firmly believe that how you see and feel about the Philippines depends not one what is around you but what is between your ears. If you are miserable in the place of your birth, I don’t think a move to the Philippines is going to change that for you. It could though; it mostly depends on why you are unhappy. If you’re lonely, I think you can improve upon that with a move to the Philippines if you exercise some caution. Lonely men though do often have a problem with judgment. I’m willing to say that if you hate nearly everything about where you are now, that is not likely to change by moving to a new place. I think it might for a time but eventually you will hate everything here too.

Hot GirlsSince moving to the Philippines, I’ve seen one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Not only did I see it, but I was all up inside of it. I tickled the inside of its belly! I’m talking about the Underground River in Palawan. It cost so much to travel in the USA, I have not seen the Grand Canyon nor Niagara Falls. Something I’ve wanted to do since I was a small boy.

When I went to Washington DC and saw all the monuments on The Mall, it brought tears to my eyes. I was surprised just how much it affected me. No doubt I have strong love for the USA or it wouldn’t have had such a strong impact on me. The USA is a wonderful place to live. One of my first lessons here was to realize just how wealthy the USA is. Its wealth and the power that comes with it is enormous and Americans should appreciate it and stop all the moaning about the USA is going down the toilet. It is doing no such thing! It is still the most wonderful country in the world. It just isn’t the right place for me to live.

I suppose I’m a little odd. I don’t really fit in well. I think you’ll find most expats to be a little odd. I Hot Filipina at Estrella Fallsdon’t really but then I’m one of them. I often do see flaws in the personalities that might have made a move to the Philippines more likely. I do realize that most people can be perfect like me.

Moving to another land is in itself is odd. It isn’t right for everyone. Think about it, which is most likely to be in a situation where it is easier to leave their homeland forever. Would be it be an oddball, an outsider or someone that fits in well and is close to many friends and family? I think it would be those people without lot of ties to other people in the country of their birth. This isn’t always true. Bob Martin doesn’t seem odd to me and I’ve spent time with him. I had a good time with him. He and I might even get along. So I wouldn’t say we are all odd.

I didn’t have a strong support system back in the USA. I’ve been on my own for all practical purposes since I was 16 years old. I’ve had to depend on myself. That made it much less difficult for me to embark on this grand adventure. Perhaps this has helped me fine tune my survival skills and to be happy in almost all situations. Heck, even a pickpocket could not spoil my good time. They did for a few minutes but within thirty minuets I was over that.

Oddly, a few people think I’m too negative towards the Philippines. I don’t think those people really read what I write. More people think I’m a bit too positive. That could be true. But I write how as I see things. Not how you or anyone else sees them. I write from my perspective. I think because of the requirement to depend on myself, I’ve developed a mostly positive outlook. Honestly, I’ve seen some deeply painful situations that lasted for years. So it isn’t a surprise to me that I would see things in a positive way. It is a bit ironic though because I’m also a bit grumpy. I can’t help it; it came from my grandfather who excelled in grumpy. He did mellow after he had a heart attack. He died quite young, only 55.

I have had a wonderful time in the Philippines. I have so many plans to do so much more. I’ve done too much lately, depleted my funds to much and have to let that build back up some. I hope I make it to Bohol, Manila, Davao and Mount Mayon this year. That’s quite a lot to pack in while also trying to put some money into savings. It is way past time for me to return to the USA for a visit too. I also plan to do that this year. I doubt I will get all of these things in. I might though.

One goal that I’ve set for myself is to earn $5000 a month by the time the year is out from my online Sinulog Costumebusiness. It is possible and I might just get there. Some of that requires luck but some of it depends on Google. I find myself working way too hard because of this goal. Maybe I should have cut that in half. I don’t feel like I have a lot of time left though. So everything seems like it needs to be done now. Five grand is going to be hard, half of that shouldn’t be very hard at all.

Choosing to live in the Philippines has been a high point in my life. I think anyone considering it should give it a try. You won’t know how it will go for you until you get here. For me, living in the Philippines has not been without its bumps it has been spectacular.

Someone once said my website seems to be centered on “Hey folks, I moved to the Philippines and found an angel. You should come find one too!” Well, yeah, you should move to the Philippines and maybe you too can find an angel. Once you are living in the Philippines, give me a yell and let me know how it is going.

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