Living In The Philippines July 2011 — The Story Continues

Another month living in the Philippines and another ghost story. It is July the 7th and not much has gone on this month. I was half asleep but half awake. I don’t now if my mind was playing tricks on me in a semi-conscience state or if I had an encounter with a ghost. Most seem to think it was a dream. Often the expats living in the Philippines say it is the white lady. There is a legend of a white lady that is a ghost.

It didn’t feel like a dream but I was very sleepy. I felt a woman leaning against me but Jessie was not here. I know it was a woman because of the long hair and this is not the 1960 or 70’s.  It went on for a few minutes and then became more pronounced, to the point I was almost certain someone was there. I was awake enough not to really believe it and thought I was dreaming. At one point, I thought “Someone is really there” so I reached around to find out who it was. They were gone and I was quickly back to sleep.

If not for the strange knocks at night and the other creepy things I’ve seen going on here by me and others, I would dismiss it just as you likely are.

I started walking for a couple of days. Once again, I’m taking antibiotics. I have another chest infection. This is why I have not been walking in the last 18 months but that is also when I started smoking. Would someone just stamp stupid moron on my head?  I also smoked heavy for two days. I will try to quit again today but I’ve lost all faith in myself over that.

The date of my trip to Palawan is fast approaching. And we’ve bought a few things for the trip. Jessie got a backpack and I got some Crocs. Jessie picked me up a pair of knockoffs at the local Gaisano’s but it was pretty obvious they wouldn’t last long. She paid P125 for them or around $3.00.  The real Croc’s in SM mall were almost p3000. I don’t know what these cost in the USA but I suspect the price is close to the same. Once you hit the malls in Cebu City, you can kiss lower prices goodbye if you buy brand names.

If you buy “real” brand names. I’ve seen some very expensive brand names for sale at SM Mall in Cebu City at meager prices but those are also knockoffs. When I first started living in the Philippines, I was struck by how open this was in the Philippines.

Living in the Philippines July 16th

It is early in the morning and I’m getting ready to head to Cebu City to start my trip to Palawan. I leave for Palawan tomorrow.

I woke up tense, I think my blood sugar is low as I am diabetic.  If it is a little low that is the first sign that I get. I had something to eat, hopefully that will resolve it.  I even had one small piece of wonderful chocolate and that does seem to be helping. Maybe I should have more.

I may be having some secret fun in Cebu City but I can’t go into that here. haha  Yes, of course, Jessie will be included but still not all topics are right for Cebu Experience.

Something interesting and a little sad for the guy involved. By the time this is posted there will already be an article on the website about this situation.  I’ve seen some scamming Filipina before but I never ever saw one this good before. If you’re involved with an online Filipina, you need to read this story. Your girl may be the sweetest and most genuine person on earth but many of the girls online only appear that way.

I have not met my goal to quit smoking before my Palawan trip. Walking for two days left me with a chest infection so I was unable to build up my endurance. It makes me sad, I’m sure the cigarettes are not helping me at all.

Yesterday, my civet coffee or Coffee Alamid arrived. It isn’t from the company Coffee Alamid, I’m kind of surprised they were able to register that name but it looks like they were. I got a sample from a farm down in Mindanao, I hope to visit that farm later in the year.  I have not tried the coffee yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I may try to get the hotel I’m staying at to brew it for me.  I may have to buy a coffee maker.

Living In The Philippines — July 25, 2011

Living In The PhilippinesJessie and I had a wonderful four nights in Palawan. I wrote several articles about that so I won’t go into the details here.

We’ve been back since Thursday and now we are scheduled to visit Virgin Beach Resort on the 26th.  It has been a busy month.

We also had the pleasure of going to the Jungle Restaurant in Metro Cebu this month. And I found a new pension house to stay at while visiting Cebu City. I’ve know about it for sometime. The name of it is Cebu View.  At the time of this entry, I have not yet written a review of the pension house but I hope it will be finished before this month of Living In The Philippines is published.

It doesn’t look like I’ll get an update to The Basic Expat Training Manual out this month. However, I had several ideas for new information to add to it. I’ve decided to start volume two of the manual. Which will include a price increase.

Before the month was up, Jessie and I also visited Virgin Beach Resort.  A resort in Northern Cebu Province located in Daanbantayan. We had a nice time there.  While at Virgin Beach Resort I had my first Civet coffee.

July was packed full of things to do. I don’t know what August has in store for me. Living in the Philippines during July was fantastic!