I choose to live in the Philippines about five years ago.   The decision was a gradual one.   The idea seemed crazy to me when it was first suggested to me. Then things started to change.  I learned more about living in the Philippines and I met a lot of pretty Filipina that seemed crazy about me.

Those Filipina had a lot to do with my choice.  I didn’t know then that so many Filipina are looking for a foreign husband.  I also didn’t know that so many are really looking for money.   Well, many of the Filipina one will meet online are.  If I were Filipina, I think that would be my business.  To talk to foreign guys and get them to send me money.

Does that idea seem crazy to you?  It would have to me years ago.  Now I know several girls that get most of their income from doing

volcano in the Philippines

Mount Mayon, A volcano in the Philippines

just that.  A woman can work 60 hours a week for a month to earn $100.   If she can get two men from overseas to send her that, she can probably make more doing that.

So, am I happy about my choice to live in the Philippines?   Yes, I’m very happy about it.

I haven’t been able to do everything I would like to do.  I’m not as rich as I thought I would be and my health holds me back a lot.  It is not uncommon for me to take a trip to Cebu City and end up sick for days.  The last time I went to Cebu City, I was sick for a month. I picked up a virus while there and it took me a long time to return to normal.

I haven’t been scuba diving and I really would like to do that.  I haven’t been able to travel around the island very much.

The benefits of living here is that my money does go much further.  The cost of living in the Philippines is way below what it cost to live in the USA and most other places in the West.  Probably any place in the West.

I see a lot of debate among expats living in the Philippines regarding the cost of living.  I don’t understand the debate.  Maybe these guys are living in Western hotels.  I don’t get it.  You can live in a decent hotel here for far less than you can rent a home or even a room in the USA.

Yes, you can spend as much money here but you’ll get much more for it.  The exception to this would be if you buy a lot of imported things.   I order things from the USA from time to time.  I use to do it every month.  Now, I do it about twice a year.   A few things I can’t find here.  There are things I’d like to ship here but cannot because the shipping cost are too much.  However, I learned that I can do without those things.

I no longer miss being able to go to Wal-mart at 3am.   I don’t even miss good cheese.  I suspect though, when I return to visit the USA I get my hands on some good old Kroger Colby soon after I get back.  Dang, now I want to go back.  For a visit.

I have a good woman here.   She’s very sexy.   I can’t think of a thing I’d ask her to do that she wouldn’t do for me.  She told me not long ago if I get hungry at 3am to wake her up and she’ll cook me some cheese sandwiches.

For me,  Jessie’s love is enough to make everything else okay.   It is enough.   It is really all I need.  Though, some things would be pretty hard to live without.  I don’t think I’d live very long without air conditioning.  I tried but I kept getting sick.

I took a lot of cold showers that were not pleasant.   I finally managed to get a hot water heater installed.

Now, the only real complaint I have about life in the Philippines is the brownouts.  We have a lot of them where I live.   Just yesterday, we had a brownout starting at 7am and it lasted to around 6pm.   It wasn’t a super hot day and my battery powered fan was enough to make it bearable.

I love it here.   I hope to visit Bohol soon.  I also want to go see Mount Mayon.   Mayon is a cone shaped volcano and is beautiful.  It nearly blew its top a year or so ago.

Bohol is close and has the Tarsier.  A tiny primate that looks a bit like a gremlin.  Besides the Tarsier, it is famous for its chocolate hills and its floating restaurants.   It is rural.  There are talks of building a bridge from Cebu City to Bohol.   I don’t know how serious those talks are.  For now, one must take a ferry to get to Bohol.

Mount Mayon is in  the Island of  Luzon.  Luzon is sometimes called the main island of the Philippines and host the capital city of Manila.  The scenery is breath taking, at least from the pictures.  Jessie seems luke warm about going but I really want to go.  I think we will be going soon.

I have to get my ACR card renewed next month.   That’s an expense I don’t have every month.  It isn’t a huge amount of money, around $100 I think?  But don’t quote me on that.   She and I both can go to see this volcano for less than $300.   We are going to be going.

And there is my favorite, Bantayan Island.   We just might go there this month.   It is an almost magical place with few tourist and wonderful beaches we have mostly to ourselves.

I couldn’t dream of doing these kinds of things if I still lived in the USA.   A date would be next to impossible unless I found a woman who understood I didn’t have a lot of cash.   As I use to say, I’m not cheap, I’m just broke.   Trying to live in $2000 a month in the USA is hard.  Living on that in the Philippines makes you seem rich to most Filipino.

If you’ve been thinking of living in the Philippines but don’t have all of the information you need, I wrote an eBook that will help you a great deal.   You can get it by visiting ExpatManual.com

So yes, I’m extremely happy that I have chosen to live in the Philippines.

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