Special Needs: Living In The Philippines

If you are one that has special needs, living in the Philippines becomes a bit more of a challenge.  The range of products here is lacking.  In my case, its not a massive problem.  These are small things but problems none the less.

Special Needs and The Philippines

Special Needs and The Philippines

For me, one of the biggest problems has been detergent.  Nothing I find here works perfect for me.   Amway’s does the best but it burns me badly behind the knees.  The over the counter stuff, on the other hand, has me itching from head to toe and chemical burns here and there.  🙁  I’ve got sores all over my arms and legs where I have been clawing away, mostly in my sleep.

Sleep has been difficult because of the itching.  Benadryl helps with the sleep and gives me some relief from the itching as well.  Oh, I had to buy the benedryl from the USA.  I think it has to be here, but under another name.

In order to take benadryl, I had to stop one of my prescribed medications that helps to relieve muscle cramps.   This medication is not my preferred medication.  I had to use it instead of what I had taken for many years because its not available in the Philippines.

The Amway detergent is more than 80 miles away and we didn’t get it this month because of a budgeting mistake I made last month.  A big one. 🙂  We all do it from time to time.

Living in the province.

Living out in the province, makes it harder to get hard to find things.  I can’t even buy a cigar here.  Another 80 mile trip.   For the most part, I stopped smoking during the first week of this month.  I’ve had two cigars since then.  And I didn’t enjoy those.  So I’ll smoke my last one but not likely to buy any more.  Perhaps the cigars I buy in Cebu are not of the same quality I buy from the manufacturer.  I don’t know.  I think they may be old.

I don’t think these problems are enough to ruin my stay here, but that’s probably up to one’s own outlook.  I’m having the time of my life.   Right now, that’s on pause as getting hot is out of the question.  Its temporary!  This post is not meant to be a criticism of the Philippines either.  Its meant to be an alert the kind of things you need to prepare your mind for.

Talk to me, have you been able to find Benadryl?  Maybe it has another name, surely its here.  What problems have you encountered, major or minor.  If you’re in a wheel chair tell us about that.  What special needs have you found it hard to fill, while living in the Philippines as an expat?

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