Manny Pacquiao as “The Greatest”

Manny Pacquiao, a boxer from the Philippines is one classy act.  He wins today in Las Vegas and he wins big over Ricky Hatton (Hitman).  Manny known as Pacman in the Philippines put Hatton on the floor twiceboxer in the first round, the last time as the round expired.  I thought the fight might be stopped right there.  About half way through the second round, Pacquiao hit the Hitman right on the jaw and it was over before Hatton hit the mat.

I was afraid he was hurt, the referee didn’t even wait to count him out before he stopped the fight.  Hatton was out cold for a few minutes and at first his was breathing very hard which concerned me as I feared Hatton might be hurt.  He left on his own power after the fight, hopefully for an overnight stay in the hospital just to make sure he’s okay.

Hatton was also classy.  None of the nonsense one often sees before a fight.  It was said by the ring side announcers that Hatton had never been knocked down in this weight class and Manny did it three times.  Hatton seemed pretty unhappy with himself, if he gave a ringside interview after the fight, I missed it.  I only saw him walking back to the locker room.

The Pac-man turned his face a bright red early on and threw over 70 punches in two rounds where Hatton got off less than 20.  Pacquiao’s trainer said that Hatton tried to fight the way they wanted him too and he walked right into their trap.  Manny was praised by his promoter for not become so self-important that he would not listen to others.  He said this fighter is great because of his natural talent and he never stops learning.

The Philippines can now get back to normal.  When Manny fights, power consumption goes way up because more TVs are turned on.   There is also likely a shortage of the local made beer.   I think  the baptist church next door to us had their services an hour earlier than normal.  I don’t know what the turnout the catholic St. Vincent Ferrer was but it was expected to be quite low.  The malls are said to be spooky as they are all empty except for the theater that displays the fight on their big movie screen.  I bet it would be fun to be in that theater after the fight was over.

Some might have wished that Pacman held off a little to drag the fight out so they could get their monies worth!  I only jest, it was an exciting but short fight.  It was said that Pacquiao plans to run for president of the Philippines once he retires from boxing.  He ran for office once and lost, it has been said he lost because he was so popular that people didn’t want him to stop boxing.

Everything I know about the man indicates   he’s an honest man and someone the Filipino could trust their best interest too.  He would likely need excellent advisers though and he should work on his speaking ability.  The guy is very likeable.

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