Medical Treatment In The Philippines

Since I’ve been living in the Philippines, I’ve neglected my health a little.  I’ve not been going to the doctor very often and I’ve not had any blood test since I got here.   I have several illnesses that caused me to get blood test nearly every month for 20 years in the USA.

Honestly, I’m kind of happy about that.  I wont be when I drop dead though.  🙂

Truth is, I’m so sick of doctors.  I think maybe I’m rebelling a bit against them.  It is hard for me to go see my doctor because I choose to live 120Km from a major city.  It is my own fault I have not received all medical treatment in the Philippines that I should have.

I don’t know as much about medical treatment in the Philippines as I should because I have neglected my health.  I know a good deal but I would know more if I actually searched out the care I should be getting.

Seeking Medical Treatment In Rural Philippines

Yesterday, I finally broke down and went to a doctor in Bogo.  Finally, I sought to improve my medical treatment in the Philippines.

Wow was the doctor pretty.  She was also very nice.  Very concerned that I was feeling so bad when I was there.  I told her that it would pass.  That I have periods where I feel horrible that last for a few hours then I feel fine later.  I have lupus.  It is just part of having lupus.

My only reason for going is that I’m out of Xanax.  I don’t take a lot of it but if I want to sleep, I will have it.  I’

Chong Hua Hospital In Cebu

ve been taking it for more than 25 years.  Xanax is a tranquilizer in case you don’t know.  I am out of Xanax today.  That’s why I needed to get some.

Normally, I get my prescription from a doctor in Cebu City.  So it is a 120km trip.  About five hours by bus for a round trip.  I usually don’t do round trips in a day.  Luckily, the doctor allows Jessie to go see him and get it for me.  This month is a problem because she needed to be in Bogo City today.  So, I was forced to try a local doctor.

Since I don’t do daily round trips very often, I stay over night. That does increases my cost of getting medical treatment in the Philippines.

The very  nice doctor explained she couldn’t give me a prescription for Xanax because she didn’t have the proper license.  That she had few patients that needed it and mostly only doctors in the hospitals had the necessary license for that.  She seemed concerned that I was going to be angry.  I wasn’t the least bit angry.  I understood.

She advised that I go to the hospital in Bogo City and maybe a doctor there would give me a few days of the medication.  I asked her if I owed her anything for the visit and she said no.  I was headed out the door but she was concerned with my feeling badly along with all the medications I take.  She even said I should be admitted to the hospital!

If I went to the hospital every time I felt that bad, I’d live there.  🙂

She ended up doing an exam, writing a note for me to take to the hospital to help me get the Xanax.

I told her I wanted to get a local doctor to treat me and she said that I needed to stay with my doctor in Cebu City because my medical condition was so complex.  Wow, I didn’t expect that.   I don’t think you’d see any doctor in the USA say to get my medical care from someone else.  They would at least try to get involved in some way.

I’ve noticed that with medical treatment in the Philippines, a lot of butt covering that is common in the USA is just not done here. That helps to keep the cost of medical treatment in the Philippines far lower too.

Despite her giving me an exam, she still did not even charge me.  If she had, her fee would have been P300 or about $7.00 USD.

I wanted to go to the hospital to get my medication but I just didn’t feel well enough to go to the the hospital.  🙂  It would be a long wait. Actually, I planned to go home for a bit and rest and then go back.  It ended up that Jessie came to my rescue.

Jessie though, being the angel she is, decided she would go to Cebu City today and get my medication.  I don’t think I’m very good at letting her know how much I appreciate her but I really do appreciate you Jessie.  You’re awesome!

Medical Treatment In The Philippines Is Cheap

A private room in Chung Hua Hospital will cost you less than $50 dollars a day!  A visit to my internist in the same hospital is only P500 or around $12 at todays low Peso exchange rate for the dollar.  If you seek your medical treatment in the Philippines via a public hospital your cost will be much less.  Chung Hua is a private hospital and generally acknowledged as one of the best in Cebu.

As I wrote recently, Jessie’ s four year old spent a couple of nights in the hospital for his dengue treatment a few days ago and the hospital bill was only P1,300.00.

While I believe medical treatment in the Philippines is adequate for most people, if things get really complicated, you might need to return to your home country to seek treatment.  Even a former mayor of Cebu City decided not to get medical treatment in the Philippines.  He went to the USA for the majority of his cancer treament.  An American recently returned to the USA for a problem with his retina.  Either it was detached or torn. I don’t remember which.  One of the conditions he said he could have received treatment for here but the other he needed to return to his own country.

Visa For Medical Treatment In The Philippines

The Philippines is getting ready to release a medical visa for the Philippines.  It will be interesting to see it.  I don’t yet know the details.  Perhaps I will qualify for it and obtain additional benefits!  It might make it easier for you to live in the Philippines and take part in the low cost medical treatment in the Philippines.

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