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Medical Treatment In Cebu City

I went to see my doctor in Cebu City on Friday for my medical treatment in the Philippines. I left late Thursday evening and spent the night. This time he gave me what I’ve been needing! He gave me Prednisone and he gave me a high dose.  I’ve never been given Prednisone in this way.  I’m not going to taper off them as I always have. I’m going to take 60 milligrams for seven days and then just stop them.

Cebu City DoctorThe doctor is concerned that I have a low level infection in these splits  on my feet and that has caused him to be hesitant to give me Prednisone. I didn’t bring up Prednisone this time, he did. He said that he wanted to put me on it last time as soon as he saw it. That I have diabetes is bad. I asked “Would a short dose really harm me that much?” He then mentioned the possibility of infection. Prednisone weakens the immune system, that one of the reason why it is used to treat auto-immune disorders such as lupus. I told the doctor that the topical treatments are not going to solve this and he agreed saying “It isn’t treating the underlying skin problem.”

When he said he was going to give me Prednisone, he smiled at my reaction. I looked up at the sky and said “Thank you.” I told him I’ve been so tempted to go get it on my own but I know it is a potentially dangerous medication and for that reason I didn’t do it. To be honest, I think before the month was out I would have done it. I never would have got a dose like this. I probably would have gone with 10  milligrams. That is not a very high dose, unlikely to do any damage but I don’t know how therapeutic it would be. Lupus patients on long term dose are often at 10mg.  Any Prednisone long term is dangerous.  It is a miracle drug but it can kill you dead.  I’ve take far more toxic drugs to treat my immune system including low dose chemotherapy and I probably should still be on that. The potential damage to ones liver without the proper frequent blood test though is extremely dangerous.

I also brought up scleroderma. I told him that I had most of the symptoms of it and pointed out how some doctors were unsure that I had lupus but thought I had some other autoimmune disorder. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder but usually involves the skin. It involves the skin very much like what I have going on. But, when I look at different skin problems, many of them look like what I have going on. So that is not a good way to diagnoses it.  Next week, I will return to the city for a day or two and have blood test done. He’s going to check antinuclear antibodies. A standard test for lupus. Problem is, one can test positive and not have lupus and one can test negative and have lupus. If it is positive he is going to order a specific test for scleroderma. Scleroderma is a rare disease and I need to see someone that has a lot of experience with it to get a certain answer. However, I’m so use to having uncertain answers that I really don’t expect to get one. Doctors have not been able to figure out what is wrong with me for 30 years. He clearly was not dismissing scleroderma and even indicating my reasoning as not unsound. He commented that he could tell I had one a lot of reading as he went down the symptoms for it. I have them all.

More frustrations with the pharmacy though. One of the main reasons I went was because I’m nearlymedical treatment in the Philippines out of the solution the doctor gave me. When we got it last time, the pharmacy didn’t tell us we had to bring the bottles back. They wouldn’t put it in plastic bottles, only glass. They told Jessie they didn’t have the bottles any more. I don’t believe that, they just didn’t want to give us any more. I told Jessie to tell the girl were we are from and Jessie indicated she did. She said the worker just looked at her like she didn’t have a clue where that was. I told her next time tell her we are three hours away from the city. Honestly, I don’t think they care.  Jessie is going to try a local hospital. They will have it as it is commonly used to treat wounds. If I get it or not is another matter. I didn’t think about getting it from another hospital in Cebu City. These things can be such an exercise in frustration.  When dealing with businesses, they have a policy and trying to get them to alter for individual needs is just next to impossible in most cases. The “go get them” type selling that people in the USA are accustomed to does not seem to be present here.

I saw a guy complaining not long ago about trying to order some building material. They just would not make it easy for him. I wrote an article about my frustrations with pharmacies  not long ago here. It goes way beyond pharmacies though. It isn’t enough to get worked up over. I usually don’t give it another thought but now I need to return to Cebu City immediately. They just don’t care. Not long ago someone contacted me about buying mosquito traps. I asked how I get them and he told me to come to his factory in Makati.  That is crazy but to sell using credit cards here involves additional red tape for businesses and he’s not yet able to do that. The loss of income has got to be substantial and it appears he has a major business going on!

Most Filipinos do not have credit cards. Those most likely to buy these devices are likely to have them, I would think. I suppose that is why most websites for business in the Philippines are completely inadequate. Low credit card use makes it harder to sell online. Smart Brothers website hasn’t been updated in years. It is almost useless and Globes isn’t much better. I can’t tell what I’d be buying on Globe but at least it is up to date if I want to throw darts and buy without knowing what I have just purchased.  This inflexibility seems to have a lot to do with Asian culture in general.  This is the way we do it so “fall in line.” Perhaps it stems from having a large number of people in a small area. Americans may be spoiled but we are not use to that, you want an American’s money, you need to act like it or we’ll find someone that does. In the Philippines, you could have a long search looking for that. I fear we could have gone all over Cebu City and ended up empty handed. It has happened before.

While In Cebu City

On Thursday, we ate at Golden Courie in SM mall in Cebu City. Being a Pizza Hut lover, I wanted to go there but Jessie is tired of that. So we went here. They have some awesome baby back rips and the staff there is very good. They appear to be quite eager to serve and I enjoy their restaurant. However, I did manage to go to Pizza hut the next day. 🙂  She wanted to see Real Steal, a move now playing in Cebu City. I wanted to take her. When we got to the theater we had a two hour wait and it would have put us getting home rather late. I told her I was willing to wait but she said “No, I will just download it.”

Street Vendor Outside Cebuview Tourist InnWe stayed at Cebuview Tourist Inn again. I really wanted to stay at Pacific Pension but they were fully booked. Jessie pointed out that one of the ladies that offered me her “professional services” on the street just outside Cebuview was nearby. I hadn’t noticed it was the same girl but said “Yeah and she’s with one of the guest.” Seems she’s got new clothes and the guy was treating her like a girlfriend. She didn’t look happy though. In fact, she looked at Jessie with longing eyes that said to me “I wish I was you.”   That guy is probably just passing through.  She was cleaned up and wearing much nicer clothes, a dress.

Cebu City StreetsI also want to mention that Jessie and I had the best couple of days we’ve had in a long time. I’m not yet willing to predict the future but I have hope again and things are looking much better for now. On our way home, a pinoy approached me just to chat. Jessie walked up and I told him this is my wife. He said Filipina women are very loving and he kept trying to search for more words. I told him yes, they are and this is the best and that she won’t let me do anything for myself.  She replied with “And I’ll kick your ass.”  Jessie is going through something that doesnt’ have a lot to do with me. She wants to change everything lately, her hair and our bedroom for example. It seems though that whatever it is she’s going though, for now she doesn’t want to change me too. Again, I’m unwilling to predict the future based on a couple of days.  She’s put me through hell for the past month but I’ve come out the other side with a deeper appreciation of just what she means to me.  It has changed me in ways I didn’t think possible but I’m happy with the changes. It is very possible we will be a stronger couple but again, i’m not predicting that. I’ve been through a lot in recent weeks. I won’t fully recover from in in a day or two.  Though for the first ime in quite a while, I am happy again.

Well, I’ll be happy until I have to get on that dang bus headed to Cebu City again. I sure wish I had a nice air con SUV and driver to take me to Cebu City.  So buy 10 copies of my eBook, I’ll give you the 10th one free. LOL I’m jesting that would be completely crazy. I’ve decided what my next website will be and I will be getting started on it soon. It isn’t related to the Philippines but it will increase my enjoyment of the Philippines when it starts making money in a few months. A car would make the trips to Cebu City much easier and allow me to get out to take more pictures.

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