I don’t know what Pharmacies all over the Philippines are like because the only ones I’ve dealt with are the Pharmacies in Cebu. Sometimes they drive me a little crazy.

In The PhilippinesI’m suppose to use sterile gauze to apply a solution to the rash on my hands and feet. After four or five attempts to buy it in Bogo City and being unable to find it Jessie went to the Pharmacy today to buy the non sterile version. She asked for non sterile gauze and they brought her out sterile gauze. She is just as frustrated with this as I am. She told them to put it back and give her the other. It is expensive in Cebu City and it is twice as expensive in Bogo City.

There have been times were we call the pharmacies to find out if they have a medication and we are told they don’t. One time after doing this Jessie went to the pharmacy and asked for it and got it. It was the ever elusive Effexor that I’ve found impossible to get for the last year. I’ve now ordered it from Europe who will ship it to the USA and then I will ship it to the Philippines. It could take six weeks.

Once Jessie went to the pharmacy to get Effexor and was told that next time she would need a prescription for it. She took it with her the next time and when she asked for Effexor they did not ask for a prescription.

An interesting side note, yesterday the family and I went to the Hideaway Beach Resort again. The sea water really works wonders on my rash. My hands have been very itchy today. Jessie whips out a bottle of water and tells me it is salt water. While we were there, she filled a two liter bottle of water from the Visayan Sea.  She poured it into a pan and I put my hand in it. Sure enough, the itching stopped. I need to close this now as the other hand is itching and I need to dunk my hand into the Visayan Sea while sitting in my bedroom.

These pharmacy issues are not a big deal but it does get to be an irritation. Outages, shortages, one of the things one must deal with in the Philippines. It seems that so far, rice is the only thing you can count on being plentiful in the Philippines but the government does monitor supplies of that since it is essential in the Philippines diet.

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