What is a Ber Month?  Well, its septemBER, OctobBER, NovemBER and DecemBER.  That’s how they are referred to here in the Philippines and it also means Christmas has officially started in the Philippines.   That’s right, Merry Christmas in September.  Yes, I’m amused.  No, I’m not making fun of the Philippines.  Its possible to be amused and respectful too.

The Philippines, The Land of Christmas

What’s so wrong with Christmas lasting more than a quarter of a year?  What’s wrong with people singing Christmas music in the streets for four months of the year.  Not a thing!

Last night I went for a short walk to Jose Rizal Park here in Bogo Town.   After a few moments, Jessie scoffed when she heard someone singing Christmas music.   I thought, then I said, wait, its the Ber months.  I had forgotten all about that.   That Christmas starts in September here.  I’m sure if I went to Jollibee’s (fast food store) I would hear Christmas music.

“Well that’s just insane, that’s not how we do in the USA.”  I don’t know how any expat could still use those words after living here for

christmas decoration

Christmas Decoration In the Philippines

a very short time.  Its not insane because its not the USA.  Come on people, its not rocket science, its not the USA its the Philippines.  Oh well, people might be tired of hearing me complain about the complainers.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, people will be asking where’s my Christmas.    One cannot be more removed from the spirit and meaning of Christmas than by asking that question.  Its not about what you get.  Its about being at peace with the good news that God has come to earth to live as a man.  You know what, I think Christ would have us give anyway.

But even during that time, how did many of us humans react?  We complained.  Jesus, from Nazareth no less, a King?  “How ridiculous is that” the people in power scoffed.  God walked amongst us and we didn’t understand.  I can see a bunch of old leaders standing around, drinking and saying “not the way they did it in Jerusalem.”

So lighten up, enjoy the Christmas season.  Well try.  By the end of January you might very well be sick of it, but try.  “January you say?”  That’s right, Christmas is not over on December 25.  Instead it carries over into part of January.  Oh come on, be happy about it.  Don’t worry about those that abuse it and enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.  I’m not going to tell you what that is. I know you already know.  Its Christmas in the Philippines, so just enjoy it!  Don’t be the Scrooge of the Philippines!  After all, look at me.  I am Santa Claus and that’s not an aswang, its Rudolph.  He’ll guide my sleigh through the next typhoon.

Its all how you see it!  What a wonderful place where its Christmas nearly half the year!

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