Christmas Philippines!

It is Christmas Time In the Philippines

Yesterday, we headed out to Jollibee’s (sometimes described as the McDonald’s of the Philippines) because our power went out and it was “hot hot hot” as my girl friend likes to say.  It was stifling hot.  I had turned off the AirCon and was okay until we lost our fan too.  Today is worse, it is 32C in our room now, it has been going up fast, I hope that’s the end of the rise for today.

I’m having a little trouble feeling Christmasy.  The lowest humidity yesterday was 77% and that’s the lowest.  Compare that to around 20% or less for the lowest of Memphis, Tn.  While Memphis highest humidities are often equal to that of the Philippines, it is the low humidity here that tells the real story.  Its always humid here.  And close to 100F.

While at Jollibee’s I heard a Christmas Carol coming through the piped in music and mentioned to Jessie’s that “this is the third Christmas Carol I’ve heard this week.”  She told me she didn’t doubt it, it is September, the start of the Christmas season here.  She implied it was the start of the Christmas season by the retailers, that they start reminding everyone in September here. Some of the merchants in the US start putting out their Christmas season goods about this time if I remember right.  I think though, if Wal-mart started playing Christmas tunes in September, I think there would be a stampede out of the store.

I’m having a hard time feeling like Christmas, the heat is enough to finish me off but it wont be a lot different in December either.  Summer starts here in March!  We don’t have fall, winter or spring.  Just summer and the rainy season.

Jessie tells me this has been a dry rainy season.  It hasn’t rained here much at all.  Mostly at night when it does rain.  I was hoping for more rain.  But that doesn’t mean I’m asking to be hit by another Typhoon! 🙂

There is tropical depression approaching now.  Not expected to give us any problems here on Cebu Island but it is far enough out that one can’t rely too much on the predictions.  It is forecast to become a CAT 2 or 3 for a short period of time which is a bit scary for here.  It probably wouldn’t be that strong when it makes landfall and it is expected to hit far to the north.  It may miss the Philippines completely.

As for Christmas time, there are worse things that could be going on than starting Christmas a bit early.  And for a new expat that is struggling financially to start over in the Philippines, I need to be thinking about it now.  There are two youngsters here and probably will be three of them soon. I thought about it the other day and kind of cringed.  The kids here are use to less than an extravagant Christmas but I really want to pass on part of my heritage and culture to the kids.  I can do only what I can do.

When in the Philippines, do as the Filipino do.  I’m not sure yet how they feel about this early start. Jessie didn’t seem to keen on the commercialization of Christmas.  They’ve been complaining about that since the 70’s in the US.  Probably before that.  People like to complain.

Well, I think I’ll go complain a bit more about the heat now.  I gave in and turned the AirCon back on.

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