The minimum wage in the Philippines is quite low.   It varies from location to location and industry to industry.   That makes it hard to give someone a specific rate.  But it is under $9.00 a day.  That’s per day, not per hour.

Many people working in the Philippines don’t make even that much.  Domestic help, also known as maids, helper or ya ya make far less.  I’ve seen official rates as P800 a month.  Some where around $15 to $20 a month.

Also there are many undocumented workers.   Workers not on the books making much less.

Not long ago, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in the Philippines raided and closed a lot of shops in the Manila area because

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they were not paying taxes.  This operation was called “Oplan Kandado.”  Some senators in the Philippines complained about BIR moving to hard on the places and putting people out of work.

If you’d like to know more about the minimum wage in the Philippines and some specific areas you can visit this link.  The page will open in another tab or window so you don’t loose your place within this article.

I’ve noted some Filipino opposed to an increase in the minimum wage.   That surprised me.  When I see non-business people opposed I am taken by surprise.  The reason is not totally unjustified though.   The Philippines is becoming huge in the call center or customer service area.  That is, you know, you call a bank and get someone with a foreign accent that sounds Asian?  You’re call probably landed in the Philippines.

I remember thinking my now defucnt bank must have had a lot of Filipina working for them.  haha Silly me.  But that’s another story.

What people living in the Philippines are worried about is that they will loose jobs with a higher minimum wage.  I think these people are in the minority but that doesn’t make them wrong.  I’m not going to wish low pay on the Filipino, it is too low.  But, one must at least accept that these people might be right.  Their point is worthy of consideration.

Perhaps a period of more growth is in order before there are increases in the minimum wage.  It isn’t good for the people already working but it might be good for those that are not.  Where there seems to be a movement to increase the minimum wage may hinder future expansion.

Because I’m a visitor in the Philippines, I’m not taking a position on the minimum wage issue of the Philippines.  That’s for Filipino to decide themselves.   I did wish to point out that some Filipino are opposed to higher wages mandated by government.

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