Juliet, The Crazy Philippine Monkey

Juliet is a riot.  Juliet is crazy (buang).  She carries out many more monkey like act than George ever did.  Hope she doesn’t get herself into a bad place with her antics.

Last night I gave her a shower and then tied her to the shower curtain rod to let her finish drying.  She gets cold in my bedroom even when she’s not wet!  She shivers!  George never did that except just a little bit right after a shower.  She does it all day long if I let her stay in the bedroom.  I don’t think she’s able to regulate her temperature correctly.  She has very little fat on her.  She’s still mostly bone in her hip area.  I hope its not some kind of internal organ failure.  Just like me to suspect the worse.  🙂

Juliet -- Philippine Monkey

Swinging Monkey

We heard a crash in the bathroom and when  I opened the door, Juliet was sitting on her pole as if nothing had happened.  So I went to lay down and bang again.  Once again, she was on the pole acting as if nothing had happened which was funny.  This time I waited at the door a few moments then I opened the door and there she was swinging by her waist, dangling from the pole and scampered back up it acting as if nothing was going on!  She was busted!  She is a riot.

Last night, we were outside on the porch.  Jessie got her some milk.  She poured it in an empty can for her, about the size of a tuna fish can.  Juliet inhaled it so Jessie got her some more.  This time she drank only about half of it and started to play in it.  Jessie was staying just out of her reach.  Juliet often threatens her when I’m there but only when I’m there.

Monkey Missile

Jessie was sitting on the steps and I saw Jessie get up all of a sudden.  Next thing I saw was Juliet tossing the can at Jessie!  She is such a mess.

She also guards the house from cats.  When she smells one she “barks” at it.  Kind of a of monkey growl.  When she sees it she bobs up and down, I think in an effort to make herself look bigger.  If I where to let her go, she would without doubt attack that cat!  I’m sure she learned this when she was in the wild.  Cats are probably deadly for baby monkeys but she was pretty much a baby when she was in the wild.

Monkey Attacks

The night before that, the kids were outside with us.  Jermain, the 2 year old thinks he knows everything, of course.  We kept telling him to stay away from the Unggoy.  And he just wouldn’t listen.  I told him unggoy mama-ak!  Monkey bite!  Then he got within her range and pounce.  She was on his head.  All four feet on top of his head and she wasn’t letting go!  It was funny in hind sight.  She didn’t try to hurt him, she just wanted him.  She wanted to groom him.  That’s what she does to me.  After that, we didn’t have any problem getting him to stay far away from the monkey.  🙂  We humans, we have to lean everything the hard way.

Two Year Old and A Monkey

A not so happy moment with her, she bit Jessie hard about two days ago.  Jessie has all but given up on being friends with her now.  She bit her pretty hard.  Its a little scary.  I’m surprised she doesn’t want me to get rid of her after the last attack.  My mind drifted.  I was blocking Juliet from Jessie as Jessie was trying to make the place a bit more monkey friendly.  I had my mind on eating.  I can’t do that.  When with a wild animal, you can’t let your guard down.  She’s just a monkey, she can’t do serious damage to me, at least not yet..  I’m much stronger than she is and she knows it.  She never threatens me.

Her cage is almost ready.  We are suppose to get it tomorrow!   Looking forward to that.  Her hair is falling out where the locks from her waist band rub her.  🙁  Or maybe its the medicine we’ve been putting on her wounds from the chain.  I guess we need to get her some velvet covered locks.  I think I know where to get those.  LOL  I don’t want to say as I don’t want the search engines to misclassify my site. 🙂  That is with a mature theme!

Feeling Filipino

For me, having a Philippine monkey in our household makes me feel, well, more Filipino.  A pet like this in the USA would probably cost around a thousand dollars, though I don’t know as I’ve never seen a monkey for sale in the US.

I hope she and Jessie can become friends.  I hope she keeps providing us with laughter.  When she threw that can at Jessie we both burst out laughing.  Jessie probably wouldn’t have found it nearly as funny had Juliet soaked her with the milk still left in the can.

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