Juliet and The Bamboo Pole

Today we added a bamboo pole to Juliet’s cage.  I’m amazed at how happy she was over such a simple thing.  She pounded on it and jumped up and down on it.  When we sawed the ends off so it would fit better and placed those inside as well, she again jumped and bounced on those.  The smaller pieces soon fell to the floor though.  I’m going to try to make a swing out of one of them for her and the other one will just be an additional bar going across.  We will wire them all in so they can’t move around so easily.

Her back leg though is causing her to slip at times.  She doesn’t fall as she quickly recovers and hangs upside down.  It is important to get that waist band off her so she can continue to heal as much as possible.  As I’ve mentioned before, I Don’t want to take it off her until we modify her cage so that it will be easier to get her out of the cage with a much reduced risk of her getting away.  I need that leash on her to help with that for now.

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