In Heat?

I spent a couple of days in Cebu City last week.  When I arrived home, Juliet stayed away from me.  Rather than presenting herself to be groomed, she moved away from me.  I thought she was mad since I hadn’t given her any attention for the last two days.  It was dark when we got home around 9:30pm.

The next morning I went out to see her.  That’s when I noticed her tail was swollen.  We noticed last month this happened for a few days as well.

Philippine Monkey Eating Ballot (click ot enlarge)

I think Juliet was in season!  She must have heard Tom twisting things around last month when I mentioned I would like to breed her and she was afraid to get to close to me.  Poor girl, was she afraid I would try to mate with her?  LOL  I’ll probably never know for sure.  Soon she was back to grooming me and asking me to groom her.

Monkeys kneel down with the butt up in the air when they are presenting to be groomed.  She does this for me a lot but I never seen her do it with anyone else, at least not yet.  I guess she’s just a tease.

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