A few days ago, Juliet noticed a lizard crawling up a wall.  I had her out on the front porch.  I often sit at night with her and Jessie and the kids.  She enjoys the attention and usually makes quite the monkey out of herself.  Her favorite thing is to throw things at Jessie and the kids.

To my surprise, she is afraid of the lizard.  Philippine monkeys normally eat lizards.  maybe her mother didn’t get to that lesson.  She swatted it with her tail and it fell to the ground.  She followed it down and then quietly and tentatively began to look for it on a ledge.

George wouldn’t have been curious, he would have ate it alive!  There have been several differences we’ve noticed about Juliet.  George wouldn’t eat yellow bananas.  Juliet wont eat the green ones.  She might try to eat part of it.  George would do just the opposite.  He would eat part of the yellow ones, maybe.  Sometimes he’d just sniff it and then drop it.

George was a more tame than Juliet and would throw temper tantrums when we’d go out for our walk if we didn’t take him too.He would give a shrill voice that we could hear from a block away.  Juliet has never made that sound.  Jessie says George was just a baby.  I don’t know if it is that or if the males make that noise while the females do not.  I don’t know.

She and I continue to learn about each other.  She is a lot of fun and we’ve made her life better.  She looks so much stronger than she did a month ago.  She now swings around and jumps from place to place and climbs with ease where before she seemed just too weak.

Her upper body is much more filled out but her lower have still seems thin to me.  We try to keep her fed as well as we can.  She certainly is not as hungry as she use to be as she’s much more likely to play with her food than she use to be.

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