A couple of nights ago, I had Juliet out of her cage on our front porch.  I had been holding her and decided to let her down.  When she got down, I didn’t notice a tug on the lease that I normally do.  I looked down to see the clasp that hooks onto her collar had some how come off!

Juliet was loose and she was outside!  I thought surely she would be gone now.  I tried to get her and sure enough off she went.  To my horror she went straight to a group of

Such an Innocent Face

Such an Innocent Face

people sitting outside their home.  I yelled for them to go inside and to my astonishment they just sat there.  I also motioned for them to go inside.  I guess they didn’t understand me.

As it turned out, Juliet went inside.  I thought on no, this is going to go very badly.  Juliet must have been scared to death.  She didn’t go ballistic, Jessie tried to throw her sarong on her but missed.  I got my hand on her once but I too failed to get a good hold on her.

She went into a neighbours house!  I had this vision of her going ballistic and destroying everything in the house.  She came out and then went back in again!  Luckily she didn’t do any damage in there.  Mostly she was scared.

Juliet surprised one girl, the girl jumped and Juliet lunged for her.  She tried to bite the girl.  Then she lunged for Jessie and did bite Jessie.  I thought Jessie had got up the nerve to catch her.  I was wrong.  I think Juliet wanted to be caught.

Once I got her off Jessie’s arm, she was talking to me, kind of monkey purrs, she was happy to be out of there and back with me.

Jessie was really shook up though and asked that I not get her out again.  So far, I have not got her out again but I think its cruel to leave her in the cage all the time.  I will be locking the leash on her and will be leaving it on her all the time.  Getting her out of the cage without the leash, is risky.

I would consider giving Juliet away to the right person.  Not because I want to give her away but because she’s bitten Jessie several times.  Jessie is afraid of her, Juliet knows it and is attempting to dominate Jessie.  It would do no good to give her to someone that is afraid of her or has people in her household that is afraid of her.  If you’re interested, contact me by clicking on “The Breeze” link at the top of the page….   (I may move that link to become a sub-link under “Administrative” and rename it to “Contact Us” or “Off Topic” not  sure yet).

She needs to be handled often and she is wild, she will always be wild.  She’s use to people and any monkey will always be wild.  Some are less wild than Juliet.  She’s much more tame now than when I first got her but she is a monkey.  That makes her a lot of fun.

I’ve seen people train monkeys to do amazing things, I don’t know how anyone would ever do that.  They would probably have to spend a lot of time with them to accomplish that.  I think you’d have to get them as a baby too.  Unless you know their background, chances are good that they may have had their mother killed in order to capture them as a baby.

She will not bite me.  She knows I’m not afraid of her and that’s why she wont bite me.  She’s afraid I’ll whip her butt good.  🙂  She would probably test you but I saw her take to another male just fine. Though I think she was trying to establish her dominance over him as well.  I know how to hold them so they can’t bite but she’s very strong and keeping her there is not easy to do.

I really don’t want to give her away.  It would be hard for me to do.  I’m sure Jessie would miss her too.  If you can offer her more than I can though, I would consider it.  You’re going to have to convince me that it is a good idea and best for her.

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