Juliet the Escape Artist

I wrote a story earlier today about Juliet escaping last night.  Some how the clasp on her leash connecting it to the waist band that Jessie made for her had come off.  I thought it was just an unlucky moment.

Today however, I went outside to find that she had removed the leash from the collar!  It was laying on the bottom of her cage.  No escape issue at all, she was securely locked away in her cage.

However, I now realized it wasn’t just unlucky last night but instead the little Houdini had freed herself!  Well we’ll fix her up.  From now on, we will use a padlock and lock that leash right on to her.

I had already decided to start leaving it on her all the time.  At least until, I can get a second enclosure built around her door to her cage.  After seeing how badly an escape could go, I can’t risk that again and getting her out of the cage is always risk.  Having a leash to grab onto will make that less of a danger.

She’s pretty amazing in her ability to understand her environment.  This is just another example of how Juliet learns and thinks.

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