Tonight while putting Juliet back in her cage, two very pretty Filipina approached us.  Dang it, I didn’t have my camera with me!  LOL

One of them wanted a picture of Juliet.  As she leaned in to take a picture, I warned her not to get to close.  Just as I did, Juliet sprang into the air and took the phone right out off her hand!  Juliet seemed very pleased with her self.  Bad Monkey!

The girl screamed and then kind of laughed.  I took the phone away from Juliet without any fuss and gave it back to the girls.

I’ve not written a lot about Juliet because I was written too much.  I don’t want the site to be all about her.  She’s doing great.  She’s becoming more independent though.  She likes to be around me, but she’d just assume I keep my hands to myself.  I can still get her and when I do I can scratch her head and she will fall to sleep in my arms.  She’s never going to be as tame as George but she ads a lot of jo to my life.  I hate that she has to be caged or on a chain.

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