It had been an entire week since Juliet had been out of her cage!  I was out of town for most of that week and I’m the only one that can get her out and make sure she’s under control.  When I got home, I was sick so I was afraid to spend any significant time with her. I fear passing on whatever I have to her.

I did finally get her out today and gave her a shower.  She protested quite loudly over this and was scared.  I did my best to comfort her but it had been a while since she had a shower and really needed one.  She’s been scratching a lot, hopefully this will help.  Plus she was getting a little smelly.  She’s able to go much longer before she needs a shower now that she has the nice large cage.

She continues to get stronger.  Swinging around with great confidence now.  She still has a bit of a limp on her right leg.  There is also a nodule of some kind on it.  It feels like its fluid filled.  She had one on her left leg as well but that has almost completely gone away now!

I’ve come to believe that she enjoys fighting with Jessie and Jessie enjoys it most of the time.  The exception is when Juliet actually get a hold of Jessie.  She also loves to play rough with Jason, the 9 year old.  Of course he stays out of his reach.  When I’m not there, both have been able to make friends with her but not when I’m there.

I will try to get some more recent photos of her and show the before and after pictures of her.  Hopefully I can capture how much better she looks now.

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