I mentioned that I would put up some before and after pictures of Juliet.  Some pictures I took of her within a day or two of her joining our family compared to what she looks like now.  She’s put on a good deal of weight.  When she arrived she had very little muscle tone and not much between her skin and bones.

Now she swings around like a monkey should.  There is muscle definition and she looks a lot better.  Its not as obvious as I thought it would be but on closer inspection one can see how she’s doing better.

Here are some pictures of her.  One when we first got her and three others taken a day or two ago.

The picture in the upper left was when she first arrived.  Look at her wrist and then look the picture in the upper right.  You should be able to tell it is much fuller..You may be able to see how much her face has also filled out.  You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

When I look at the lower left picture, I notice the muscle in her lower forearm.  In the upper picture, the elbow joint looks much bigger than the rest of the arm.  Especially along the lower edge I see much more muscle there than she had before.

When I compare the upper left to the lower right, I notice how much larger her chest is now.  It also more clearly shows the additional filler on her face.

When we first got her she often had “the shivers.”  I thought she was just too cold in my room but once we put her outside she would also do this.  It was worse if she became excited.  I think she was too weak to regulate her body temperature.  My cooler bedroom made that harder but probably also a monkey version of a panic attack.  Too much stimulation.

She had not been treated well by humans so I’m sure she was scared.  She doesn’t do that any more though.  I’ve not seen her shivering in a long time, not even after her escape.  I’m convinced Juliet wouldn’t’ have been alive much longer.

I’m not trying to be a hero here.  I couldn’t have done a thing for her if someone else hadn’t bought her from the farmer  that had captured her a year or two ago.  I wouldn’t have been able too.  I had the easy part, feed her full of bananas.  The neighbours help a great deal in this as well.  Everyone wants to feed her to try to become her friend.

One thing though, I’ve noticed with monkeys, if you give them food, they look at you like, its mine now and dont you DARE try to take it.  🙂  George loved to get into my pockets and get my sugar free candy but it made him sick.  When he managed to get one, he’d quickly pop it into his mouth.  I would stick my fingers in his mouth and pry it out. LOL  I’m not sure how Juliet would react to such.  She’d probably choke herself trying to get away.

She is a lot wilder but also too use to people to be freed.  I think she’s close to her full size.  I’ve read they get up to 12 pounds and she’s less than that.  She may get a bit bigger but I suspect her growth has been permanently stunted.

Having an exotice animal as your pet does present challenges but it also brings rewards.  In the case of our Philippine monkey, its good to see her thriving.  It is also important to remain aware she is a wild animal.

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