Monkey Suit?

Julie has been trying to figure out doors and has made some progress.  I came down the steps a few days ago and found her holding the door open for me.


Juliet, Our Filipino Monkey and Doorman

Juliet, Our Filipino Monkey and Doorman

Actually, she knows there is food inside and I think she was hoping I’d bring her some back out with me.  I couldn’t help but think she’d look cool all dressed up like a doorman.

Her interest in the door was peaked a few days earlier when Jermain (2 years old) came out the door when we were not expecting it and Juliet promptly jumped on his head.  She didn’t hurt him, she knows he’s a baby and just wanted to take care of him.    I got her off him quickly and he was upset and began to cry which upset her and she then started trying to get into the door to get to him.

She was really upset and started “talking” to me with her squeeks and purrs.  Different than a cat purrs, its close to the same sound she makes when she’s in a bit of an attack mode but much softer.  She then moved on to grooming me.

Juliet doesn’t mean to be rough, well most of the time.  Jessie messes with her and she gets rough with Jessie but Juliet is mostly playing then too.  Juliet plays a bit rough.

She’s doing very well.  She doesn’t limp any more but she holds her left leg a bit odd.  It wont ever be 100%.  She’s still got knots/nodles on her legs where the old chain use to rub her legs.  Her belly is not all bruised and red any more though. I’m sure her spine will always be bent.

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