Juliet the Catty Monkey

Juliet  mess   just the way one would expect a monkey  to be.  Last night a female friend of ours dropped by and she constantly threatened this girl, especially when she got any where near Jessie!  I thought it was funny, though our friend seemed a little intimidated.  We covered the cage hoping to calm down Juliet, the catty monkey.  However, on Jean’s way out, she passed by the cage, the covered cage and out came both hands through the covers trying to blindly grab Jean’s legs.  She must have smelled her walk by!  Like I’ve said before, pint sized monkey with a gallon of attitude.

Today, Jessie bought a harness for Juliet.   Yesterday, we watched her bit her foot. The one she sometimes drags behind her.  That was it, I took the chain off.  I just couldn’t stand to see that monkey in that kind of pain any longer.  Now we have to leave her in a cage that is too cramped.  We’d like for her to be outside more but for now, this is the most human thing for her.  I expect to start building her cage any time now.

Jessie suggested a new name for her.  We were so happy with this idea of a harness.  It seemed like the smart thing.  We got it on her and Jessie went to the bank.  Juliet had it off in about five minutes.  She had broke the neck strap.  Just pulled it apart.

So Jessie sewed it back together.  It had been glued before.  That will work for a dog but not for an animal with four hands!  So we put it back on her after our custom alterations.  Again, we patted ourselves on our back and thought how smart we are.  This time it took her about 7 minutes to get out of it.

The new name Jessie suggested?  Houdini of course!  seems like a reasonable choice to me.  We’ve been calling her every thing, including Georgette.  Cute name, only one problem.  That’s what I call Jessie when she acts a bit wild.  Sometimes her behavior reminded me of my first monkey so I called her Georgette from time to time.  Both of us though are having a hard time, we keep calling her Georgette.

She’s not as picky as George.  George would eat only green bananas.  Georgette will eat just about as many yellow bananas as you give her.  Bread though, she’s not big on.  She LOVES milk.  Someone suggest we put the local over the counter pain killer into milk and see if she’ll drink it.  Boy did she ever.  Jessie tried to take the empty can so that she give the whacky monkey some more and Juliet attacked with mild bites.  Biting her four times before I could get between them.

Juliet has become afraid of me.  She doesn’t want me to touch her.  I’ve been pushing the issue, catching her and picking her up.  She squeals and yell like I’m killing her.  She bit my hand, I didn’t react a bit.  It didn’t hurt.  I didn’t even notice until Jessie pointed it out.  I noticed when she was doing it but I forgot.  It didn’t hurt though I briefly thought, oh no!  Its a bluff.  If she wanted to hurt me, she could.  She has no interest in that at all.  She’s just afraid I’m going to hurt her.  So I’m going to leave her alone, as much as I can for a few days and see if that helps her feel safe around me.  That I have to break up the fights between her and Jessie is not helping my cause but its good that she see’s me as the Alpha.  I can control her now.

She’s going to have a shower soon, this is not something I’m looking forward to.  I think someone has sprayed her with water as she doesn’t like the shower running at all.  Don’t know what the story is behind that.  Her life up until now has been pretty sad.  Her abuse much worse than we thought.

Her spine is curved, most likely from being in a cage smaller than she is.  I suspect this will shorten her life.  If we find she is in pain and there’s no way to stop the pain, then we will loose her as we would put her down.  I don’t know when I can get her to the vet.

She is a very gentle loving monkey.  I know what I said above doesn’t like it but that’s just the way monkeys are.  When we got this monkey they warned me she might bite.  I said, she will bite, there is no doubt.  That is what monkeys do.  On the other hand, she loves to play with Jessie’s hair.  She talks and purrs to Jessie while playing with her hair.  She once got on top of Jessie’s head, laying across as if to stop Jessie from getting up.  She also put her arms around Jessie’s neck and held on to her as if Jessie was her mother.  This monkey just loves Jessie to death.  The bad part of that is that she doesn’t seem to see Jessie as above her in the social status of our monkey clan.

I have to find a way to get her trust and remain the alpha at the same time.  It will take time.  I’m disappointed I can’t cuddle with her now.  One night, I stroked her for a long time.  I rubbed the sores around her waist and her legs.  She seemed to love it.  The next morning all seemed fine when I went to check on her and bring her in, then suddenly she’s afraid of me.  I don’t know what happened.  Maybe she thinks I’ll be jealous of the bond between her and Jessie.  Maybe monkeys have only one alliance?  I don’t know.  Seems that way.  I plan on giving her a wide berth for up to a week.  At least as much as i can.  I’m going to act as if I’m uninterested in her.  Maybe that will cause a change in her behavior.  Just try it and see what happens.

I have rambled on enough, so I will bring this to a close until the next update.  Looks like I should post more of them more often so they wont be so wordy.  She has become the center of our attention, like a new baby she both demands it and deserves it.  Even at her worst, we love our Philippine Monkey.

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