Juliet Joins the Family!

As most of my regular visitors know by now, I acquired a Philippine Monkey a few days ago.  Its an exciting event.  The kids are excited and curious and a little afraid.  Jessie and I are excited and a little unsure.  Sounds a lot like bringing a new human baby home.  Lots of adjustments, lots of expenses, lots of responsibility, and lots of fun!

In this first picture, Juliet just wilts on the floor as Jessie begins to groom her.  Juliet is also showing that she is submissive and does not want to fight.  That’s always nice when your monkey or child doesn’t want to fight!  She was very afraid when we first got her and this caused some aggressive behavior but at other times, she was gentle.

She was captured about a year ago.  The farmer captured her for “stealing his corn.”  Hmm, I bet her ancestors were on the land first. 🙂  Anyway, for the last year she’s lived a life of mostly misery.  She’s been chained to a pole with no escape from the brutal tropical sun of the Philippines nor the rain of the wet season.  The winds and cool temperatures in December had Filipino wearing scarfs and jackets and she was probably very cold as well.

She’s very thin but is eating well now.  The chain around her waist has dug into her and caused some  lesions that are bringing on a good deal of pain for her.  It took a day or two to find it because she was too afraid to let us touch her much.

Only after a massive battle that I described on LIP did she become easier to handle.  The battle she and I helped a great deal as it established in her mind that I’m the dominant member of the family.  There was never any doubt in my mind. 🙂

In the picture to the left, she has finally got in my lap.       I had to coax her, okay, I pulled on her chain until she got up there but I was gentle then I spent about an hour grooming her.  The bonding is going well. We had  mishap last night though  I don’t know exactly what happened but she ended up falling fewer than six inches and landing on her head  I started to stand and that startled her I think.

Every time I move her from one place to another she is scared and then I have to spend some time consoling and reassuring her.  I think she’s surprised to find that people can be nice.

We are keeping her in an outside cooking area for now.  These areas are called a “dirty kitchen” in the Philippines.  Ours is covered with a door, electricity and running water.  I don’t like leaving her out there.  I worry about cats though she could probably handle herself pretty well against a cat.  Dogs can’t to her.  I hope here are no large constricting snakes around, that could be a very dangerous issue for her.

Jermain and Juliet

All In The Family

The kids are fascinated with the monkey and I think the monkey feels the same way.  She reached out for Jermain (shown in the picture above) which caused Jermain to back away but I think that Juliet was as excited about seeing these little people.  She does threaten them from time to time too so just turning the kids loose with her would be irresponsible.

An encounter with children requires close and constant supervision.  This was the firs encounter with Jermain and he had six adult eyes on him and her at all times.  Jermain quickly backed away though seems they are afraid of each other.  Jason, our 9 year old, is trying hard to keep the other kids from harassing her and to not tease her himself.  He realizes that if he does, they will never be friends.  It started out that way with  George and He were friendly but after the other kids in the neighborhood teased him and Jason joined in, George didn’t like Jason after that.

Of course,  Jason is a child and one can’t expect him to be anything other than a child and the monkey is a monkey and to expect her to be a little sister would be a course see for disaster.

I could take her out with me on walks now, she’d love it but not going to do that yet.  She’s heavy and walking causes her a lot of pain.  She seems to be considerably better in that regard this morning.  She’s not limping much but she does not want me to pull on her chain so I go very slow with her.

Everything is coming together much faster than I expected.  She’s much easier to handle and work with that George was.  George though, he was mess.  No very cuddly like Juliet is but he was fun in all his chaos.

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