Juliet Screams

Jessie and I race out the door as Juliet is screaming in a way we’ve never heard before. Once we arrive at our front door we expect to find a mortally wounded monkey.

Philippine Monkey

Instead, we find a lot of people, my first thought is why would they let “this” happen but I don’t know what this is. Once Juliet sees Jessie and I, she settles down.

The neighbors explain that the father from next door picked up his child and that spurred Juliet to send out her alarm calls. Itap pears that Juliet thought the male was gong to hurt that baby.

Jessie and I were relieved that is all that was going on. I thought maybe a cat had got to her. one of the neighborhood cats likes to strut by just out of reach and Juliet likes to grab an empty plastic bottle and beat it on the cage while jumping up and down.

Jason, our nine year old. told us that the first time the cat walked by Juliet slowly reached her hand through the cage to try to grab the cat without the cat noticing it. I’m glad that didn’t work. I’m sure the cat would have responded claws out. Clearly the cat has looked the situation over and knows what Juliet can and cant do and loves harassing her.

There’s a dog that comes around from time to time and Juliet loves to scare it off once she notices it. She even fusses at the bat that has been flying around.

She’s very territorial. She wont eat green bananas. George was just the opposite. He wouldn’t eat yellow bananas. Juliet is more playful but sometimes her play can be a bit rough.

I think I see her calming down around Jessie. Jessie still hasn’t had much to do with her since Juliet bit her. I’m hoping they will become friends. Juliet has become a big baby for me. She resist my getting my hands on her only a little. Once I get her out of her cage though she’s like putty in my hands. She goes limp and doesn’t resist at all. She loves being with me.

Last night, we discovered she had blood on her backside and she didn’t seem to feel well but today she seems to be back to her old self. I’m hoping she is just having her period.

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