Juliet Stalks Her Friend

I have noticed Juliet will grab her towel and cover her head.  A few days ago I thought she was trying to sneak up on something, I don’t remember what.  When she puts the towel over her head she can’t see so I think she believes she cannot be seen.

Today she put the towel over head several times and then approached the mirror in her cage.  Once in front of it, she whips the towel off her head and then reaches behind the mirror to touch the other monkey.  Of course, the monkey is her reflection but she hasn’t figured that out yet.  Chances are high that she will never realize it.

The other day, Jessie tapped the mirror and she started “talking” to the monkey in the mirror but I think she’s getting wise to that.  She tries to touch the monkey by reaching “inside” the mirror and when that doesn’t work she will try to reach behind it.

Hopefully it makes her feel like she’s with her own.  I hope to install more mirrors around her cage.

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