On May 2nd, I headed out for my walk with our Philippine monkey on my shoulder.  Actually she was on my head.  Jessie laughed because of the way she was peering out over my head.  Juliet thinks that those laughs are a threat and she pounced on Jessie’s head and started mouthing her head.  She may have been trying to bite, I hope not.  Probably not cause that could have been bad.

Expat Living In the Philippines With Monkey

Rusty And Juliet Out On The Town

It shook Jessie up a bit so we cut our walk short and returned home.  Juliet didn’t seem to understand why our walk was so short, I didn’t even take her diaper off but she managed to take care of that.

She doesn’t mind the diapers, or nappies as they call them here and much of the world.  She really loves to go on these walks.  Sometimes we buy her peanuts or even ballot.  Its good for her to get out.

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