Walking With My Philippine Monkey


Took Juliet out for a walk today. Once again, she jumped on Jessie’s head. 🙁 I THINK she just wanted to be with Jessie but we don’t know that. I pulled her off quickly. Jessie’s nerves were a bit frayed after that so I walked her home.

I really needed to walk as I have not been for almost a week! So I took a couple of laps around the block. I still managed to get in a mile.

I’m worried about taking her walking now. Sometimes when we pass women she acts like she might reach out and slap someone. That would be very bad! She only does this to women so far.

I may get her a very short leash or I may just leave her at home. She needs to get out, she needs the stimulation but it may just not be a good idea. She’s not as tame as George was and probably never will be.

One pinoy started to approach me today asking “Can I play with your monkey?| I told him that the monkey bits in English and he kept coming. Then I said “monkey-ak” and that he understood and decided he didn’t want to play with her.

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