Cebu Philippines has been rocking and rolling in the last 24 hours due to several small earthquakes. They are very small and very unlikely to have resulted in damage.  I’m sure they didn’t feel these in Cebu City so you are not likely to read much about them.

Two Large Quakes in The Philippines

Some area of the Philippines have had some big earthquakes over that last 10 days. I know of two that equaled 6.0 or higher. Mindanao and Davao City have been shaken up pretty good. I saw on FaceBook where Bob Martian said that it shook for a long time. He has been in some large quakes. I think he told me a 7.7 in General Santos.  That’s from my memory though so I could be way off.

I don’t think there was much or any damage from those big ones. They were centered off shore I believe. I know the 6.0 was but I have not looked up the 6.6 that also occurred. If a 6.6 hit a populated area, there would likely be deaths and significant damage.  I have not heard of damage so I’m thinking the worst of it was off shore.  There have been quakes in Negros Oriental, Luzon and Mindanao that I know of in the last 10 days. There has been an earthquake in the Philippines some place for the last 10 days in a row.

There are many earthquakes ever day in the Philippines but most are too small to be felt and I doubt all of them in that range are on the PhiVolcs Site.

Small Quakes in Cebu Philippines

They are reporting two earthquakes in Bogo City tonight were 3.3 and 3.2. I felt three tremors last night too. They were very small but were rapid shaking just like the ones we had tonight. Both were very short.  The thing with a quake is you don’t know if it is going to get worse or is this all there is too it. So I react to them all. I probably am not acting correctly though. When I stop and think I know I’m suppose to stand in a doorway. But geesh, I’d rather be outside. 🙂 So I head for the door. Both of these were over before I could get down the stairs and that suits me just fine.

We had a quake in Bogo City a few years ago too. This one was very similar. The first one signaled it was coming with a loud boom.  I have no idea what it is until the shaking starts though.  Hopefully that’s the end of them.

Jessie was winding down and in bed reading but now she’s wide awake. The first time we had a quake she just smiled. Then she saw my reaction. The reaction of someone that is not use to them. She grew up in Tacloban and there are a lot of earthquakes there. But after she saw me decide I wasn’t going to just sit there and let the house fall down on top of me, she’s become fearful of them.

I don’t know that it is my reaction though. She says the quakes here are different. She says things sway more in Tacloban. These here are rapid shaking so far. However, one we had a couple of years ago the shaking turned into swaying once I got outside.  Those did last long enough for me to get out. Jessie being a mom went after the kids. I suppose the noble thing would have been for me to do so too. I wish I had but that thought never occurred to me.

She just told me “I better get dressed” and it is 1 am now. With the first one all I had on was a T-shirt.  And though I thought about it I was still headed to the door. Didn’t have to wait for Jessie she was already gone and out the bedroom door.

They are really nothing to get excited about but for me, I can’t help but wonder is it a sign of worse things to come? The experts use to say that many small quakes were good. They use to tell us to open the windows during a tornado too. That was false and now the experts are saying that small quakes don’t mean that it is reducing a big one. It sure makes a lot of sense that it would take some stress out of the plates.

Actually Cebu is one of the better places to live as far as quakes go. I was researching quakes a few days ago just for my own information and found this map.

Earthquakes In Cebu and The Philippines

 With the Philippines on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire one can expect more earthquake and like typhoons, there’s really no good place to hide. Davao is thought to be “typhoon proof” but it nearly got its first one last year. Those black lines are major faults and that is where the major of the quakes in the Philippines originate. I’ve seen other maps though that show all of the fault lines and it is covered up with them.

By Rusty Ferguson

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