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Moving to the Philippines? Perhaps spending your retirement years there? Have you been thinking of living in the Philippines for some time now? Are you afraid?

Moving to The Philippines Now

The first time someone suggested that idea of living in the Philippines to me, I thought it was a crazy idea. That was about seven years ago. Now? I am living a wonderful, happy, full life in the Philippines. It didn’t happen overnight. For quite some time, I planned to move to the Philippines but I was stopped in my tracks with a lack of information. I wasted a lot of time and I hope to help you avoid wasting one more second of your life!

Once I made the decision to actually move to the Philippines, it took me about three years to make it happen. That was about 2 and half years longer than it should have taken. I really could have done it in a month. There was one thing holding me back and that one thing was a lack of information.

Bantayan Island

Picture I Took While Visiting Bantayan Island



You may not even know you are afraid, I didn’t. I didn’t realize it until I was already here. Looking back, I know there was that nagging doubt in the back of my mind. That doubt was caused by a lack of information. Information that I will reveal to you.
The only way to get your adventure started is to actually do it. It is scary for many of us. But it can be undone. If you don’t like it here, you can return home. So, get over your fear and make it happen.  You could be living in the Philippines very soon.

Information You Need Before Moving To The Philippines

When I decided to move to the Philippines, I didn’t even know what the entry requirements were. How long would I be able to stay? Could I live there long-term? The answer is yes, I could live here long-term. Generally, Americans and most other Westerners can stay long-term in the Philippines with nothing more than your passport. Now there is some red tape, of course but it is not hard to overcome. There is also a special retirement visa for those wishing to retire in the Philippines.

I had concerns about many issues regarding living in the Philippines:

  • What will it cost to live in the Philippines?
  • How much money will I need each month to live in the Philippines?
  • How will I Get My Pension or other money?
  • What about medical cost?
  • How do I send my things to the Philippines?
  • How do I get my mail?
  • Can I open a bank account in the Philippines?
  • What about income taxes?
  • How do I get a passport?
  • Do I need a travel visa?
  • Can I trust Filipino?
  • I met a girl online, should I send her money?
  • Is the Philippines safe?
  • What is the language in the Philippines, will I be able to communicate?
  • I heard Filipina are out to get your money. Is it true?
  • Can I find a loving woman there?

These are just a few of the questions I get everyday from those that are considering retiring in the Philippines. You can get the answers to these questions by visiting the websites at the end of this article.

The two most frequent questions I receive are:

  • How do I get my money when I’m in the Philippines
  • How much money do I need to live comfortably in the Philippines.

There are several ways to send money to the Philippines. What works best for me is a company called Xoom. They are the second fastest way to get my money. The fastest way is my ATM card but for me, it is too expensive.

Before you make your move to the Philippines, I suggest you shop around to find a bank that has low or no foreign ATM fees. My

Do You Want To Move To The Philippines eBook Cover

Basic Expat Training Manual -- The Philippines Experience

bank charges me $5 per transaction plus a 5% fee for using foreign currency. A credit union is a great place to look. If you’re unable to find a credit union you can join and has low fees, I would search for “expat banking” on your favorite search site. I wrote a free eBook that you can get for free by visiting:  Sending Money to The Philippines

How much money you need to live in the Philippines depends on what it takes to make you happy. I know people that live happily in the Philippines for $700 a month. I couldn’t but others do. I know others that make $3000 a month and are never happy.

Being happy in the Philippines depends mostly upon your mindset. If you can open your mind to accept a different culture then you can be very happy here. I see a lot of bitter foreigners living here. They seem to complain about everything.

I first came here, I asked myself, what have I done? I saw the poverty and run down homes and I was a bit overwhelmed with it all. Then I reminded myself of the girlfriend I had here. I also thought, “all these people are living here and doing just fine. They are happy and many of them are foreigners. If they can do it, so can I.”

So I gave it some time and applied the my open-minded attitude. Now it is nearly three years later, all the things that seemed so strange to me, seem completely normal now. As I learn more about Filipino, I also begin to understand why things are the way they are.

The biggest benefit of living in the Philippines is the low cost of living. For example, I can go out to eat for $5 and that’s if I have a couple of beers and take my girlfriend.

The other major benefit for me are the ladies of the Philippines. Now, finding your mate in the Philippines is a road of perils. That can go very badly. It is quite important that you educate yourself when it comes to dealing with the lovely Filipina.

I’m a 50 year old something, overweight guy that has a beautiful girlfriend that spoils me to the point, I forget I can actually reach across the bed and pick it up myself. I have a lot of beautiful Filipina friends. Sometimes I’m a little embarrassed by the rock star treatment I get here.

Now I don’t want to mislead you. There are some scams and some dangers within the Philippines that you need to know about. It is a tropical paradise but it is not heaven. You need to arm yourself with information so that you don’t fall victim to some of the potential nightmares of the Philippines. If you do not do so, your dream could turn into one very nasty nightmare. Yes, there is terrorism in the Philippines but it is not hard to reduce your exposure. Terrorism is something I rarely think about. It is not a fear for me now. It was, but then I learned.

I made many mistakes in my early days. For example, I got a travel visa I didn’t need and I wasted a few hundred dollars on that. II just failed to have the knowledge I need. You can learn from my mistakes.

You can educate yourself and start living the dream. I love the Philippines and with the right mindset and information you can live this dream too.

If you like to travel, live life like as an expat or are thinking about doing that, visit ExpatManual.com for help from from Rusty. An American, living my dream in the Philippines. I made it happen, I can help you make it happen too.   Stop Stalling just make it happen!

What it took me five years to learn, you can learn in 30 minutes by reading my manual and the actually move to the Philippines.

Basic Expat Training Manual — The Philippines Experience.

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