An Open Mind is Required

The first thing you need to realize is your coming to a different world. From the US, you’re one-half way around the earth. When we were kids, we talked about digging a hole to the other side of the earth to end up in China. Kids here talk about digging a hole to get to the US. Your world is literally upside down!

My girlfriend would tell me of situations here and I’d have this picture in my mind.  It was based on what I knew from the states.  My mental picture was so far off, that there are no words I can use to explain the difference.

You need to come here with an open mind and plan for lots of changes.  Use the opportunity to redefine yourself, if you don’t, I doubt you’ll be staying here long.

I have been here for ten months.  I keep learning so many new things.  Such as the school system.   There is no middle school here.  I hope you’re not planning on bringing your adolescent children and putting them in the public schools.  I believe you’ll have to home school them unless they or you have a special visa.

The rate at which I continue to learn, only points out how much I don’t know yet.  I’m absorbing it as fast as I can but I’m that old dog you know.

I’ve seen guys come here and get stood up.  I also saw him stay calm and keep looking.  He ended up with a real Philippine beauty.  From what he tells me she is an awesome girl, treats him like a king.  Another guy came here, found out the girl was a fraud and left soon afterwards.  He sent me a text saying he couldn’t wait to leave.

Some reasons not to move to the Philippines can also be a positive.  It is a positive that can quickly turn into a negative if you’re not very careful.  Filipina can be both.   It all matters how you handle the situation.

In my next post, I will explore romance in the Philippines and  the hazards of the Filipina.

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