George stopped being naughty last night. He didn’t beg to get out of his cage this morning. He ran away from me rather than want to cling to me and he refused to eat or drink. He has a fever, so does Jessie. I’m afraid he has what she has. I’m broke, can’t do a thing for him and there are no vets in town anyway.

He finally took a little bit of bread but he wouldn’t take more. He got into some mouth wash yesterday but it is Tom’s of Maine. I don’t think that will harm him and he didn’t get much. He threw up several times yesterday though. That isn’t unusual, if he gets his hands on sugar free candy he will always throw up.

He wants to be alone. He wants nothing to do with anyone. It would make sense on an evolutionary basis that he withdraw when sick. If he moves away and becomes unsociable he would be less likely to pass the illness on to others in his tribe if he were wild.

For now there’s nothing left to do but wait and hope he gets better. He recently broke two front teeth, they were not in good shape. I think George is old and I suppose we could loose him at any time. I hope it isn’t anytime soon. He can be a major pain in the butt but he’s fun too.