I put together a few clips in an attempt to focus on the sounds, the noise of the Philippines.   The Philippines can be a noisy place.  Horns blowing, roosters crowing and people singing while banking on various home made musical instruments.  It just occurred to me that I didn’t include a rooster in my video.  I’ll have to make a second one.

It is normal for me, my video is very casual, taken while walking around the Philippines.

Horns, I think, are the biggest noise makers in the Philippines.   My friend Joe might disagree.  He lives next to the catholic church.  The church that loudly rings its bells around 3:30am to signal the “mass of the rooster.”   He hates it.   I live a couple of blocks away and it use to wake me up.  So I can understand.

The roosters use to wake me too but I rarely even notice them now.  People often say, living in the Philippines is a lot different than visiting the Philippines.  I think they are usually referring to the party atmosphere people usually have while on vacation.   There are more subtle ways it is different.  Such as the driving style no longer seems crazy to me and that includes all the horn blowing.

tricycle driver

Tricycle Driver With His Daughter

The new president has ordered a crack down on civilians using sirens in the Philippines as a substitute for a horn.  So, I don’t hear those as much.   I do think their overuse is a bad idea.  I know I found myself starting to ignore them.   I just assumed it was some body on a motor bike wanting someone to let him through.  It almost always was, then once it was an ambulance that I was ignoring.

This video was taken in July of 2010.

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