The Pacman takes a Big Bite

With the big fight just moments away, I have to wonder if the PacMan has bitten off more than he can whip.  Oscar De La Hoya is a might and seasoned fighter.  Manny Pacquiao has fooled many people that know a lot more about boxing than I do though.

I hope Pacquiao wins but I don’t see it happening.  If your cruising the web and want to see the fight, you’re about to miss it.  The first fight just ended early.  My main purpose in posting right now is to let you know Boxing Glovesthe fight is on TV now.  Well if you’re in the Philippines.  If you’re in the US, you’re going to pay a fortune to watch it on pay per view.  In the Philippines, you can watch it by turning on your TV, it’s not PPV here.  It is on normal cable.

Manny Pacquiao, known affectionately as Pacman, is adorned by Philippines.  He will be the favorite by nearly all.  The countries boxing commission did not want him to make this fight since he is going up two weight classes.  They threatened to remove his ability  to fight in the Philippines.  I don’t know if they will actually follow through on that.  I’m glad Pacquiao is going forward as it will make him a lot of money.  And I don’t put anything past him, he is a skilled fighter and I will not say he has no chance.  He does have a chance.

The  fight is about to start. Don’t miss De La Hoya Vs. Pacquiao

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