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A Reason to Party!

Filipinos loves to party. You’ll see lots of fiestas everywhere you go. Even if they don’t have any money, they will apply for a loan and worry about paying it after the fiesta. We used to go to every fiesta we know of back home. One of my friend own a car and we always pack it full. There were 22 of us and the car has a sitting capacity of 8 person. Yeah, I know, shocking. But we did manage to fit in there. The car looked like a Christmas tree, just no bling.

Aside from the usual birthday party, reunion, anniversary, weddings and fiestas. We made up reasons

Its Me!

or occasions just to have a party. Like Full Moon Party!

We always have a full moon party every month and itsΒ  an overnight party at the beach.Β  Some of us would bring a tent, food, boom box, guitar and drinks. And party all night. And before the night is over, we made some plans to have a follow up party at a friends house.

If the full moon fell on a weekend. It’s going to be an All Weekend Party. And yes, I was a party goer in

my youth but I don’t dance or do anything stupid. I just sit back, observe, relax, and enjoy. Everything changed when I had my babies.

I go to parties with friends but I no longer stay overnight like I used to. I’m far away from my friends now. I miss those good old days! But I love what I have today and tomorrow.

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