A short video of George at the Bay of Bogo.  Not far from my home in Bogo City there is a wharf.   The wharf is known to the local as Pantalan.

A Philippine Monkey

On this trip, I took George (Philippine Monkey), Jessie (my Filipina girlfriend), a camera and a video camera with me.  We soon attracted a group of kids.  The happy “music” you hear is the way too familiar sound of the foot powered tricycle selling ice cream.  Too familiar because I’ve heard it a few million times too many.  These guys work very hard for their money though, so buy their ice cream. 🙂

I miss getting out and walking around town.  I have not been able to go out as much because of my infernal and eternal itching.  When I walk out the door, I itch.

I had a little too much fun last night.  It involved a couple of bottles of Red Horse, finished off with a bottle of Tanduay Rhum.  Yes, that’s the way its spelled here.  Pretty good stuff.  It comes in two strengths.  The Tanduay 65 is a dark rum and it is the most popular.  There is also Tanduay TSQ that I have not had the pleasure of.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it.  Tanduay 65 is 65 proof as the

philippines ice cream vendor

Ice Cream Vendor on he Beach

name implies.  The TSQ is stronger but I don’t know the proof.   Tanduay also makes Cossack Vodka and I don’t think I’ve had that but perhaps a Filipino shared some with me.  Often when I’m walking, a pinoy (male Filipino) will offer to share their drink with me.  Sometimes I accept!  Red Horse is a popular beer in the Philippines, I think second most popular but often the first to run out.  It packs a harder punch than the more common San Miguel which is a pale pilsen.

Filipina and a Drinking Session

I didn’t drink a lot last night but Jessie and her friend got wasted.  I wont mention the name of the Filipina as it may cause too much tsismis (pronouned chismis) or gossip.  My friend, Joe Bogo, also joined us late in our drinking session.   He missed most of the fun and he doesn’t drink any more.   Too much fun for him in his early years so he can no longer enjoy the spirits.   He seems to have a great time without it.  I don’t drink much as it will make me feel too bad the next day.   Sending my blood sugar sky high (I am diabetic).   I wish I could be 30 something again.   My 30’s saw the end of my heavy drinking days too as the after effects became too unpleasant.  🙂

Yes, I know I started out talking about a monkey and kids and a nice healthy walk and ended up talking about drinking and girls.  Not such a bad life.  We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.  Common though, for those of use experiencing Cebu while living in the Philippines.

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