Customer Service in The Philippines

I have been amazed a couple of times by Globe, the provider of my internet connection.  Last weekend was one of those times.   Our internet connection died last Saturday night.  Jessie called Globe, sometimes they just need to reboot the modem from their office.  They couldn’t reach our modem so they said they would send out a technician.  Just like last time, they showed up on a Sunday.

Vegitable Market in The Philippines

Vegitable Market in The Philippines

The tech brought another modem but when he connected it, the new modem didn’t work either.   So he went to work on the lines.  After about an hour the tech called and asked if the connection was back up, and it was.

That’s the positive, its not all so positive, our connection gets slow or not working at all way too often.  Most of the time its fast but we had a couple of months where it was nearly impossible to do any work on the web.   I’m glad that time is over.

Geek Speak

There is also a spammer on the network.  He’s used websites that inflict a script onto those that visit his site.  Those sites then  give the user a “virus” known as a zombie.  These zombies take over part of the users network to send out spam.  They can also use these zombies to launch a distributed denial of service attack or DDOS.  You may have heard of the problems Twitter and Facebook have had in recent weeks.  Basically they flood a website with traffic so that the resources are overwhelmed.  Then pages are slow to load and databases end up with too many connections open and cannot open more.  These kinds of attacks are very hard to over come but they can be over come over time.   This spammer has caused my IPs to be blacklisted by some organizations.  Some webmasters use these list to block users with those IP addresses.

I hope Globe is able to get this resolve but its not an easy task.  Still, other ISP’s are able to do so there must be away.  I think this was related to some of the extremely slow websites I experienced for some time.

Restaurants In The Philippines

Its also a good time to talk about service in your average restaurant in the Philippines.  You might have to ask for a menu!  Usually not but sometimes you do.  In the USA, after your meal is brought out the waiter usually comes back a few minutes later to see if everything is okay.  I’ve never had that happen in the Philippines.  I think, in the Philippines, they feel like they may be disturbing you.  I have noticed in some of the better places that the staff will watch your reaction, checking to make sure all is okay.  They wont bring your check/bill to you at the end of a meal.  You’ll need to go to the counter pay in most cases.  In the USA sometimes they bring the bill out before you ask for it, I always feel like they are trying to run me off so they can get the next customer in.  I dislike that a great deal.  I don’t think you’ll ever see that happen in the Philippines.  Perhaps if you are being a jerk they might.

Like always, the good and the bad, its up to the visitor to realize its not their country.  Its not their culture and cultures develop differently.  It doesn’t make one better than the other.  Its about what people in that area have become comfortable with.

Let me hear about your experiences with service in the Philippines.   Don’t believe the people that are always negative.  There can always be something to complain about if one is so inclined.  Its taken me a while to understand, happiness is mostly related to how I see things.

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