A Python in the CR

While this happened in Leyte, it is still part of my Cebu Experience because I’m living here and my significant other’s family had a run in with a Python in the bathroom.  She believes it got in a drain that goes to the outside.  Good thing it didn’t head for the toilet.  I wouldn’t want to be awaken by something grabbing hold of my back side with four rows of razor sharp teeth!  It got into the same home Jessie use to live in.  It had visited before but this time will be its last time.

They killed it but can you imagine this scene?  It fell on Jessie’s aunts head.  After that, there are no details but I can picture her coming out of that bathroom screaming, totally freaked out before the snake’s life was over.  I’m sad, because i would have tried to catch it when I was there if I had known.

The neighbors ate this snake.  So the moral of this story, is if you’re a snake in the Philippines do not enter into a nice warm house, else you could end up as dinner!  I wish I could have been there with my video recorder running!

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