I found a forum that is active with expats and those that frequently visit the Philippines.  I want to recommend that you also visit that forum.   Forums are a good way to pick the brains (or lack of brains haha) for information about the Philippines.  You can visit that forum by visiting:

Philippines Expat Forums

Its run by an Aussie.  A good friend, known as Mr. Lee is very active there.   Lee is married to a Filipina and spends several months a year in the Philippines.  He knows a lot about buying real estate here and he is the best source I know for information on that.  Yes, I know you can’t buy land but you can buy condominiums in the Philippines.

I tell you what, if the Philippines ever makes land ownership by foreigners easier than it is now, I expect land prices to sky rocket.  I wish I was in a position to buy real estate now.  I don’t know if land ownership rules will ever be eased or not.  Many Filipino are vehemently opposed to that.  I think that is grossly misguided.  However, if that does happen, I think living in the Philippines might become far more expensive.  Since I have a nice life here now, I am okay with the way things are.   For me, it is probably best if they leave things the way they are.


Hottie Filipina

Stop by their forum and give them a shout.

When you get there, make a good impression by posting in the welcome area.  Don’t be shy, tell them about yourself.   Don’t forget to tell them I sent you.  They know me there by the screen names of Cebu Experience and Flirtilizer.

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