I have a fairly new website up.  Its intended to be a place to meet those that live in the Philippines or are interested in living in the Philippines.  I hope you’ll considering joining Philippines Experience.Com

Its not really a dating site, though it would tickle me to death if somone met the love of their life on the site and went on to become a happy couple.  It is a site to exchange ideas and conversation.  It is a lot like FaceBook with the added feature that I and guest authors will post information articles about the Philippines.

pretty filipina

Windy, My Friends Girlfriend

There are forums, including a ladies only room.  There are forums intended to help people make business contacts and there are forums for anything to do with the Philippines.

You can post pictures and please do.  You can post links to your website.  If you wish, you can  post a short update about your status, how you’re feeling, where you are going and you can reply to other peoples post.

Being a new site, its short on members.  If you’re a fan of this site, you could show your support by signing up, posting a picture and dropping by as often as you like to tell us what is going on.  Also, invite your friends!  I need friends and lots of them.  🙂

My most recent post is about a snake crawling onto some power lines and knocking out power to all of Bohol Province.  This may be a case of  “Only In The Philippines.”

Stop waiting and check out Philippines Expeirence!  Click Here.

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