Is the Philippines paradise? Often people refer to Philippines paradise. While the Philippines is a wonderful place for most of us, to call the Philippines paradise is an obvious exaggeration.  The Philippines, like every other country is made of people.  It is trite   to say  but people are flawed. We all know that but sometimes we seem to forget. When we say the Philippines is paradise we are certainly forgetting that.

The Hype of Philippines Paradise

For me, it is also way to hot to be paradise. I’m very hot natured so it is worse. After three years though, I do better than other hot natured people.  Well a few of them. I had this wonderful little battery powered fan that also sprayed water. Someone came to the Philippines and brought it with them. Then mailed it to me.  It finally gave out while I was at Bantayan. With no warning the fan just stopped turning. I’ll try to find one online and have it sent over. I need to order some things. A few items for my camera, some items I can’t get here but require due to skin problems and I’ll try to find a portable fan. Oddly, they are hard to find.

Philippines ParadiseToday, I went to The Hideway, a small hidden away beach resort near Bogo City today. A few minutes after I got there, the sweat was pouring and I was missing my fan. I moved to another table where the breeze was better and that helped. Then I got into the sea about an hour later.

The sea at seemed angry today. There is currently a typhoon within the waters of the Philippines. It is far north and not much of an issue here. It wasn’t even raining today. There were a few clouds. The sea though, it was churning. The water crashing into the natural rock laden sea wall with a woosh. I was trying to take a picture of it smashing into the wall and up over the ledge. Looking through the viewfinder, I heard a scream and then was covered in water. haha Not the best thing for my camera and I thought to myself, “Well that was a little more water than I wanted.” To make it worse, I failed to get the shot. I did get another.

One in the water, I used one of the man made sea wall to sit on. It was no longer hot there. The waves slammed into my back. Jessie tried sitting on the wall but the waves kept moving her off so she stood in closely in front of me.  That soon attracted a large crowd of pinoy which Jessie hates. I tell her, look, you’re the hottest woman here. So you should just “Get use to it.”  That old inside joke of ours that I wrote about a in an article about moving to the Philippines.

I had a very nice, relaxing time at the beach today. The total cost was about P1700. They charge wayFilipina at Philippines Beach Resort too much for their tables though. Between P300 to P800. Westerners probably laugh at me when I say that But I can go to the BBQ by The Bay of Bogo for P350 or less including our meal.  Today, seven of us went to the Hideaway. Our yaya went, she is getting really pretty. I hope she holds out for a good guy. She’s a prize but I don’t think she knows it. Jessie’s two boys and one of their friends. Also our yaya’s aunt went with us.  So somewhere near $40 for seven people for some good old fashioned Filipino bonding.

Philippines Paradise? No, but…

I have a pretty simple life, I have a very good life but it is not paradise. For me, living in the Philippines has been a wonderful choice. No doubt Jessie has made it close to heaven. Not everything here though is wonderful. Some people hate it. While the idea of a Philippines paradise is unwarranted hype probably meant to sell you something, it is a good place to live for many of us.

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