Some say the Philippines is Paradise.  Mostly those that don’t live here.  The other day I ran across a Filipina on Facebook that lives in Sweden.  She’ posted on her wall “Another day in paradise.” I couldn’t help but think of all the people, mostly men living in Sweden that say the Philippines is paradise.  The cold snow would not be paradise to my Filipina girlfriend, Jessie.  When Jessie see’s snow on TV or a pictures she almost always says “Just kill me!” I can’t recall which of my Facebook friends that has that on her wall.  I have many friends on Facebook that I barely know.

So many cliches come to mind when I saw her post, the major one being “The grass is always greener


Jessie in Cebu City at Pacific Pension House with the setting sun providing orange streaks in her hair.

on the other side.”   One man’s trash is another’s treasure.   The list could go on for a while.

I don’t think the Philippines is paradise though sometimes while in the Philippines it feels like I’m in paradise.  It would be a not so hot but windy day!  I would be on a Bantayan Island beach with palm and coconut trees reaching to the sky.  Touched off at days end with a huge over sized orange sun sitting in the background.  With a beautiful Filipina curled around me with her long hair brushing against me engulfing me in her softness.  I’ve been there and that’s pretty darn close to paradise.

You know, you can have that too.  All you gotta do is get yourself here.  Make it happen.  You can live this dream.  It may not be quite paradise but it is a sweet way to spend ones days.

Today I saw some pictures of some small islets, uninhabited ones.  I would love to hang out on some of those.  I like solitary environments though.  Others prefer the more active locations like the resorts on Boracay.  Or the disco party that one can find in Angeles City.  Those places can certainly be exciting.

My plans for the near future though, they include Bantayan Island and the chocolate hills and the tarsier of Bohol.  I don’t get to travel the Philippines as much as I would like.

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