I often read complaints about foreigners living in the Philippines.  They usually come from other Filipino.   Sometimes from government officials.  We do bring a lot of this on ourselves.  Though, I also think it is human nature to blame the outsiders.  This isn’t limited to the Philippines.  It is a matter of intense debate in the USA as well.

Yesterday, I read of something positive toward how foreigners are treated in the Philippines.  Specifically those held in detention.

The Philippines Human Rights Commission and the Philippines Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened an investigation into the treatment of foreigners held in detention.  I haven’t been able to find out much regarding this but I will stay alert to future developments.

There are reports of foreigners that are being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of peso due to an inadvertent overstay.  I don’t

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Foreigners Jailed In The Philippines

know though, I think that is most likely the case when someone has stayed over for a long time.  I hope so.

The health condition of foreign detainees is also being scrutinized.   Honestly, I don’t think we are being treated any worse than Filipino that are in jail.  Jail conditions in the Philippines is pretty harsh.  I don’t really expect that any of us should be treated better because we are foreigners.

Should jail conditions be improved In The Philippines?  One could argue that both ways.  Sometimes, I’ve seen video and reports of some rather harsh torture.   That shouldn’t be going on and when it comes to light in the press, action is taken against those that commit these acts.   I think it would be foolish to think the abuse is limited to those cases that come to the public’s attention.

Prisoners usually get cardboard or the floor to sleep on.   The jails seem to be invested with insects and of course there is no air conditioning.  Not all jails in the USA have air conditioning.   Medical treatment is hard to come by and detainees have to pay for any medications.

I’ve seen too many reports of foreigners claiming to be held without charge for me to dismiss that.  Again though, is this foreigners being singled out?   I don’t think so.

I was happy to see someone probing this.  Hopefully it will be a meaningful probe and that any problems discovered are addressed. After seeing so many negative things directed at foreigners living in the Philippines, it is nice to see a government agency showing interest in our treatment.

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