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How to Send Money To The Philippines

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Sending Money to the Philippines, a How Too Guide.

This five page book is totally free.  The eBook is now close to 30 pages and it may not remain free much longer. You can download it here.  You don’t have to sign up for a thing, for now.  That might change down the road! This has changed but it is still FREE. To get this book you’ll need to join my mailing list or just join this site. You  can un-subscribe if you decide I’m wasting your time.  So I wont do that.  Get this free guide detailing how to send money overseas girl in the philippines

In this book, I discuss the ways you can send  money to yourself or someone else living in the Philippines.  Its pretty easy and you wont have a lot of problems.  For most, using an ATM is not recommended but there are exceptions to that.

Need your cash fast?  I’ll tell you how but it is best if you don’t wait until you need it.   If you do, it will cost you more.

As an expat, I can share some secrets that will make your money transactions proceed more smoothly.  I learned them the hard way.  You can learn them the easy way,  from my mistakes.

The books also discusses some of the issues you might run into.   You’ll not know all the problems you might encounter until you are in the area where you will be settling down.  In Manila, you’ll have more options and few problems but security will likely be more of an issue.  In Cebu Province, you’ll run into other issues, even the city within the Philippines will have its own peculiarities  Where you can pick your money up or maybe you can have it delivered to your door.

Send up to $2,999 to the Philippines for $4.99.

You may pass this book along to your friends.  Post it on your website and share in anyway you wish.  Just don’t take credit for it nor are you allowed to change anything in the book.

Sometimes the situation changes and what was a good choice at one point may not be the best option at another point.    That’s one reason I created this book.  I have made several blog post over the last couple of years about how expats get their money.  People continue to ask and the situation continues to evolve and I continue to learn more.  So you may wish to check back from time to time to see if there have been changes to this book.  If I find a better way to send money to the Philippines, I will update this book.

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This free book discusses some the ways I have used to send money to myself while living in the Philippines.  It can also be used to send money to others already in the Philippines.  Remittance companies are often used to send money to the Philippines.