As many know, a pickpocket struck and relieved me of my phone and wallet while attending Sinulog 2012 in Cebu City this month. If this has or ever happens to you, it didn’t feel great. I was hopping mad and wanted revenge.

This may go a little different than you expected. I have a little side story to tell you about this. Maybe Karma, maybe the answer to prayer or maybe just good luck. I’ll let you decide on that.

Pickpocket Miracle?

Though I don’t act all that righteous to say the least, I am a born again Christian. Now before you say Before The Pickpocket A Little Santo Nino“Oh God!” bear with a bit. I don’t believe what most Christian believe about God. That’s really not the purpose of this article though. I thought I might have put this on my personal blog but I am behind in stories so I’m going to post it here.  It does have a lot to do with Cebu too. Also, so many think all Filipinos are scamming con artist and nothing could be further from the truth. And finally I wanted to mention the organization that has people good enough to take the time and expense to help me get my wallet back.

It took me about 10 minutes to calm down though my worry levels where high. Christians really shouldn’t worry but I’m not very good at that. Jessie and I found a bar to stay at until we could cross the street. We had to cross the street in order to get back to our hotel.

Once I calmed down a bit, I said a little prayer. I’d been having plenty of less than holy thoughts about the people that stole from me. I don’t pray a lot, I need to but I forget. Instead of asking for help, I asked for guidance instead. That’s help but I didn’t ask to get it back. That I thought would take a miracle and while those do happen they don’t have very often. I think they are pretty rare.

That’s one of the ways I differ from most Christians. I don’t think God has his hand in everything. When bad things happens, I don’t believe it is part of his plan. Instead, I think we don’t follow his plan.

I also did my best to come up with something to talk to God about the people that did this dirty deed. So, I asked the same thing for this person. Just guidance for them as well and a better life I think. I didn’t think anything else about it after that. Nor did I think much about God. I’m probably not a very “good Christian.” I might be pretty average though.

I did get my wallet and all of its contents back. There was no money in my wallet. If my phone had not Sinulog Procession with Filipino In Maskbeen stolen too, I would have had my wallet back within hours. It was found by a woman that works with the House of Prayer in Cebu. Hmmm, House or Prayer? Almost as soon as I learned that is where I’d need to go to get my wallet, then I remember that prayer. Does it really take a miracle to get your wallet back with all its contents? When I said that above, did you doubt it would take a miracle? I”m guessing most of you didn’t give that a second thought.  Did I receive a miracle? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I received my wallet back. I have a leaning but I don’t know. It could have been pure luck.

The lady that found it is a missionary. The House of Prayer is associated with a music ministry school out of Australia. At least I think it is out of Australia based on what I saw on the web. The lady that found and returned my wallet is Filipina as are all of the staff I saw in their website. I have not met her in person yet but I hope too.  Either in February or March but we will have to see. She didn’t ask for a reward but I may give her one when I see her.  I will if she accepts and I’m not completely broke.

Now what are the chances of a missionary finding my wallet? I don’t know how great the chances are for a missionary to find a wallet in a country that is 80% catholic.  That’s exactly what happened. Or was it Karma because I wished the pickpocket good will? I don’t really believe in that but I won’t say it isn’t possible.

Pickpocket Event Ends Well For Me

So I’ll leave it up to the reader. I wish I could get a miracle for my hands so they’d heal. 🙂  They are better. However, this story ends well. I’m much better prepared now if another pickpocket targets me and it gives me a good excuse to replace the phone I had. I hated it anyway. I couldn’t even back it up to my PC. All this situation ended well for me. I hope the pickpockets life improves, they probably have it pretty hard. In Filipino culture this kind of thing is heavily shameful and I’m sure a hard life is what drives someone to become a pickpocket.

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