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As I walk around the Philippines, trying to loose weight, I take my camera.  I even take my camera at night when going out to eat.  You never know when you’re going to get the shot of a lifetime.  Like the time I Picture Inside Philippine Churchforgot my camera and saw a dog in a tree.  Grrrr.  Never saw that dog up that tree again.  I think she was telling her puppies time to get your food from the bowl, mama’s tired of providing milk for you.

This month included a birthday party for our Ya Ya at the BBQ by the Bogo Bay.  I also took a lot of pictures of the church here in Bogo City.

Once I get a scooter, you’ll never get away from all the pictures I’m going to take.  LOL  I’m kind of limited right now as I generally only go as far as my feet can carry me.

I plan to start visiting churches around Northern Cebu Province and taking pictures of them, as a hobby.  The churches provide some excellent photographic opportunities.  Also, churches in the Philippines are at the center of the Filipino Culture.

Many of the Catholic cathedrals in the smaller Philippine towns are quite old which will make them more fun to take pictures of.  So I plan to hop a bus and go around the northern area of Cebu while taking pictures.  I hope to start that in January.  This month, we are trying to stockpile small amounts of cash (LOL) for Christmas.

There are 105 pictures for the month of November, all of which come from the Bogo City area.  They include pictures of the kids, Jessie, our helper and Beth, our Ya Ya. Check them out in the link below.

Philippines in Pictures for November 2007

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